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Residence Campus Mailroom

Student Shipping

Getting your belongings home has been made more convenient and affordable!

  • Ship your UPS packages from the Smith Hall Mailroom
  • Save an average of 10% from UPS Store rate
  • Convenient — on campus location
  • Boxes in a variety of sizes are available for purchase
  • You will receive a tracking number to monitor the progress of your delivery
  • Payment can be made by Fenway or Credit Card
Residence Campus Mailroom Forwarding Information

Please fill out the online form to forward your mail during your time off-campus.

We will forward your mail for six months. After this, it will be returned to sender. If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact the Residence Campus Mailroom at 617-521-1078.

The Residence Campus Mailroom, located in the basement of Smith Hall on the residence campus, handles the receipt and delivery of mail and packages for all resident students and administrative offices on the residence campus. Our staff is committed to the efficient and secure handling of your mail and packages.

Mail Delivery

When will I receive my mail?
After the US Postal Service makes its delivery to Residence Campus, the mail is sorted by mail stop code (MSC) throughout the day.

What is the best method to send money to a student?
PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH. Checks and Postal Money Orders are safe, convenient and economical alternatives to sending cash through the mail. Money orders can be purchased and cashed at any Post Office as well as from any rural route carrier. Postal money orders are available for any amount up to $1,000 and restricted to a daily purchase limit of $10,000 per customer. Money orders are replaced if damaged, lost or stolen.

Address Requirement

How should my mail be addressed?
Correctly addressing the envelope is the most important aspect of any mailing. To facilitate efficient sorting and processing, your mail should be addressed as follows:

Your Name
Simmons University MSC #
54 Pilgrim Road
Boston, MA 02215-4173

The Residence Campus Mailroom will not accept mail or packages for you until you are residing on campus. Please do not have boxes shipped to you prior to your arrival.

Mailbox Policies

What are my responsibilities?
We inspect all mailboxes before they are issued to students. Once assigned, care for your mailbox and its contents are your responsibility as long as you are living on the residence campus. Do not leave your box open while unattended, and do not give your combination to anyone.

Where do I get my mailbox assignment and combination?
Your mailbox assignment and combination are available at the Mailroom.

Package Delivery

How will I know if a package has arrived?
The Residence Campus Mailroom accepts packages for resident students from the US Postal Service and all major couriers. When a package is received, it is scanned into our system and an e-mail is sent to your Simmons e-mail account. If we receive a perishable item for you, such as flowers, we will also leave you a message in your voice mailbox so you may retrieve it as soon as possible.

How do I claim my package?
You must come to the Mailroom with your valid Simmons University identification card and provide a signature upon picking up your package. Only you can claim your packages.

What about emergency deliveries?
If you are expecting an emergency package delivery, please stop by or call the Mailroom to alert us, or to check on its arrival.

Forwarding Mail

What should I do if I plan to move off campus?
Before you formally check out of your Residence Hall, fill out the online form or a forwarding address card at the Mailroom and notify your friends, family, and business contacts of your new address as soon as possible. If you do not fill out a forwarding card, your mail will be returned to sender.

When will the mailroom begin forwarding my mail?
We will begin forwarding your mail on the “Date of Withdrawal” date you list on the forwarding card. If you do not include a date of withdrawal, we will begin forwarding on the day you submit the forwarding card.

How long will my mail be forwarded?
We will forward your mail for 6 months after you withdraw from housing.

Will all of my mail be forwarded?
We will forward all first class and non-profit mail, periodicals, and non-registered US postal packages for up to 6 months. All other packages will not be accepted by the Mailroom and are subject to the courier’s policy for final destination.

Unendorsed bulk mail will be handled in accordance with USPS postal regulations. Unendorsed bulk rate mail is defined as a condition in which the sender does not assume financial responsibility for forwarding if the person is not at the original address. Therefore, the Mailroom is not able to forward this mail. Endorsed bulk mail is where the sender exclusively pays for the forwarding and includes labels that read “forwarding postage guaranteed,” “return postage guaranteed,” or “address correction requested.” The Mailroom will forward this endorsed bulk rate mail.