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Guest Meal Swipe Bank

In 2019, Simmons Student Affairs and Aramark Dining Services partnered to
offer more accessible pathways to food to both on-campus and off-campus students. These pathways included:

  • Expanded unlimited meal plan for residential students
  • Expanded meal plan for commuter students
  • Monthly payment plan options to mitigate large upfront costs for commuter plans

In continued search of more sustainable and accessible solutions, Simmons Student Affairs and Aramark Dining Services will now additionally offer a Guest Meal Swipe Bank as of March 2022.

Aramark Dining Services provides residential meal plans with 10 Guest Meal Swipes. Students who are enrolled in a meal plan can donate their guest meal swipes to our “bank” to be utilized by other residential and commuter students who are facing temporary food insecurity or who may request meals and points based on need.

This program is not a replacement for a meal plan but an additional method to increase student access to food. We encourage commuter students who are not enrolled in a meal plan to meet with the REEF Support Center for additional resources and support for more permanent solutions.

Students who wish to donate their guest meals may do so by completing the form to start the donation process. The donation policy is listed below.

Guest Meals donated can be redistributed to students enrolled in a meal plan who have run out of meals or are not enrolled in a meal plan and are experiencing sporadic food insecurity.
Students enrolled in a meal plan may donate 1-10 Guest Meal Swipes to the Bank per semester

Accessing Meal Swipes

For Residential Students, Guest Meal Swipes are available to residential students who are enrolled in a meal plan after:

  • 7 Weeks from the start of the fall semester.
  • 7 Weeks from the start of the spring semester.

For Commuter Students and students not enrolled in a meal plan, Guest Meal Swipes are available at the start of each semester.

Students who are eligible to request from the Guest Meal Swipe Bank include:

  • Students with a demonstrated need who need meals should access the meal bank (not enough meals to get them through the end of the semester).
  • Students may request up to 38 guest meals per semester (2 weeks of meals).

Please allow 5-7 business days for your request to be processed.

SOS Emergency Fund

The SOS Fund is a collection of donations from staff, faculty, students, alumnx, student organizations, Board of Trustees members, and community friends that was created to assist students in urgent and unavoidable expenses due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students may request funds for immediate and short-term relief to cover food/grocery costs. Due to the limited resources available through the SOS Fund, residential students who are currently enrolled in a meal plan are not eligible to apply for funding specific to food/groceries.

Please direct questions about the Guest Meal Swipe Program to [email protected].