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Program Options

Simmons offers numerous different options for students to complete their practicum education. Click the links on the left side of the page to find out more information about the various options, including:


Full-Time Program Internships are three days (24 hours) per week from September to May for both years of the M.S.W. program. Students take four classes concurrently the other two days. Summer class options and evening classes allow some flexibility.

Year I students are typically in the field on Mondays,Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Year II and Advanced Standing students are typically in the field MondaysThursdays and either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays.

Extended Study

Extended Program students generally complete their Internships during the second and third years of their program. Some students opt to complete the program in four years, interning in their second and fourth year. Similar to all students in Practicum, most placements are three days (24 hours) per week from September to the 1st week of May. There are a limited number of 16 hour per week placement available, from September through the 1st week of August.

16 hours/week September through August

Opportunities for 16 hours per week placements are quite limited due to agency needs and requests; priority is given to those students who would otherwise be unable to complete the MSW program. The 16 hours per week placement is the same number of total hours as the 24 our per week placement but is extended until August. There are settings where a 16 hours per week placement will generally not be possible due to the August end date (schools, college counseling) or the agency’s requirement of coverage over a broader numbers of days and/or hours (hospitals). For those students who require a 16 hours per week placement, the Practicum Education Department will work with the individual student to identify appropriate practicum placement options; however, we cannot promise a 16 hour per week placement. In addition, while one 16 hours per week placement may be approved, students should not plan to be able to complete two 16 hour per week practicum internships.

Advanced Standing

Advanced Standing Internships are available for students with a recent BSW who are accepted into our advanced standing program. Internships are three days per week (24 hours), in one agency, from early September through early August. Classes are taken concurrently in each of the three semesters.

Employment as Practicum Placement

Placements in one’s place of employment may be an option for students who are currently employed by a human service agency. The designated hours for the internship must be separate from the employment hours and must offer different learning opportunities. The placement must meet the school’s criteria for a practicum placement. Additionally, the student must have a qualified LICSW practicum instructor who meets all of the criteria of the school and is not the student’s current employment supervisor. An application must be completed and submitted for approval.