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As a SLIS West student, you get the best of both worlds: on campus access to the state of the art Mount Holyoke College library (LITS) and online access that makes Simmons University’s print and electronic resources only a click away.

SLIS West students have borrowing privileges at MHC LITS and full access to the Simmon University Library collection. Just log into your Simmons library account and place an item on hold, choose SLIS West as your pick up location, and your items will be shipped via FedEx to your front door. All Simmons books can be returned to the MHC Library.

Here are a couple of LibGuides that you may find useful:


SLIS West students have the capabillity to use the office 24/7, though entry to the office building is limited to 7 a.m.-12 a.m. The computer lab houses dual boot Mac Mini systems with Mac El Capitan (aka OS X) and Windows 7 operating systems. In addition, there are two Dell PCs that run Windows 10 in the office. The computers run all of the technology, software applications, server-based services, and equipment required for your course work. In addition to computer access, students can scan, copy, and print materials in the SLIS West Office.

For a list of software applications please Software Resources.

In addition to the technology in the office, Simmons Technology Quick Start Guides for new students, and additional How-To Articles