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Student Affairs

Empowering student voices and fostering purpose. Our mission is to empower all Simmons students to engage in transformative experiences outside of the classroom that foster career readiness, self-efficacy and a sense of purpose.

Students holding autumn leaves with words of inspiration written on them.

Supporting the out-of-class experience for all Simmons students.

The Student Affairs division is well known for providing student support on health and wellness issues, food and housing insecurity, and other out-of-class concerns. We empower students to be leaders through student organizations, student employment roles, and co-curricular experiences. Our Student Affairs team works hard to provide students with an experience that allows them to feel at home at Simmons. We want every Simmons student to reach their potential, gain valuable skills, and be transformed as a result of their experience.

We want our students to have a sense of connection, community and pride at Simmons.