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Academic Requirements Prior to 2015

The following requirements apply to students who entered Simmons University prior to fall 2015. Students entering in fall 2015 and later will follow the requirements for the Simmons PLAN.

Math Competency & Placement

All Simmons University students must demonstrate a competency in basic mathematics. Satisfying the math competency requirement is a prerequisite for most mathematics courses.

How to satisfy the Math Competency?

  • A score of 600 or higher on the math section of the SAT
  • A score of 24 or higher on the math section of the ACT
  • Passing the Math Competency Exam
  • Completing and passing a mathematics course at another accredited institution
  • Successfully completing MATH 101
Foreign Language Requirement & Placement

Simmons University requires that each student command a proficiency in a foreign language through the intermediate level. Students are encouraged to further their foreign language study, or may begin a different foreign language.

How to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language?

  • Completing foreign language courses at Simmons University through the 201 level (a placement exam is utilized to place students into the appropriate level)
  • Taking a proctored placement exam and placing into the 202 level or above
  • Earning a 3, 4, or 5 on an AP language exam
  • Earning a 560 or above on an SAT foreign language subject test

Please Note:

  • Students who are native speakers of a foreign language can take a placement exam in the appropriate language to potentially waive the foreign language requirement.
  • Students who have taken 3 or more years of a language in high school will not be allowed to enroll in the 101 level, regardless of placement results.
First-Year Seminar Requirements

Each first year student is required to fulfill a two semester writing sequence, along with a first year seminar. All freshmen, regardless of AP credit, must complete all three courses during their first year. The coursework for the requirements is as follows:

  • Fall Semester: FYS 101 – “Simmons 101” 2 credits
  • FYS 102 – “First Year Writing” 2 credits
  • Spring Semester: FYS 103 – Writing-intensive “Passion Course” 4 credits
Modes of Inquiry

The Modes of Inquiry are six categories of courses intended to ensure that every Simmons University student experiences curricula beyond their intended major. Each student must take one course from each Mode prior to graduation.

  • Mode 1: Creative and Performing Arts
  • Mode 2: Language, Literature and Culture
  • Mode 3: Quantitative Analysis and Reasoning
  • Mode 4: Scientific Inquiry
  • Mode 5: Social and Historical Perspectives
  • Mode 6: Psychological and Ethical Development

“iComps” stands for Information Technology and Information Literacy Competencies. The iComps requirement ensures that students are adequately prepared to utilize technology to enhance their learning experiences at Simmons. Completion of iComps is required for graduation.

How to fulfill the iComps requirement?

  • Pass the iComps Competency Exam
  • Successfully complete an iComps-approved academic course (IT 101, Living in a Digital Society or IT 225, Health Informatics)
US and Global Diversity Requirement

Simmons students who entered Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 must complete a course fulfilling the U.S. and Global Diversity Requirement after the completion of 32 semester hours or after a student has completed a full year of courses at Simmons. Courses fulfilling this requirement address issues of power and privilege from multiple perspectives. This requirement may be fulfilled through a Mode course or a course in a student’s major.