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Commuters, Graduate Students & Dix Scholars

Commuter/Graduate Students

Even though you aren’t always on campus, commuter students are a vital part of the Simmons community and we strive to make it easy to stay connected to everything going on at Simmons through students groups, electronic communication, and special facilities reserved for commuters to make your life a little easier. Graduate students have access to many basic needs resources on campus, and many of them are through the REEF Center!

Dix Scholars

Our highly respected Dix Scholars program offers personal support to help you transition to Simmons and manage your educational experience.


If you need help with child care, senior care, pet care, plant care, home care, or something in between, UrbanSitter can connect you to the right people.

To find a care provider, you can sign up for your FREE membership at using your Simmons email address.

Interested in a job opportunity? Use code SU-SITTER for a one-year FREE membership. This will allow you to post a free profile on the Urbansitter website and be connected to employment opportunities!