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PLAN Core Curriculum

Our core curriculum, the Simmons PLAN (Purpose Leadership ActioN) will prepare you for 21st century career success. It will help you find your purpose, practice leadership, and put your knowledge and skills into action.

PLAN provides a framework for you to develop your own understanding and practice of leadership, learn across disciplines, engage with the city of Boston and personalize key components of your academic experience.

All students have a common set of core experiences and themes, and receive guidance and support from faculty, but ultimately you will design your own academic experience.

You’ll work closely with your advisor to choose courses that fit the university’s requirements — and that also inspire and challenge you.

Administrative KCA/QL Spreadsheet

(Consists of classes for campus-based students prior to Fall 2024 and for all CompleteDegree students)

Administrative KCA/KSA Spreadsheet

(Consists of classes for campus-based students Fall 2024 and beyond)