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Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is open from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Gender Inclusive Housing Statement

When you sign up to live in Simmons University Housing, you are signing up to live in a gender inclusive space. Students eligible to live on-campus may choose, or may be assigned by Residence Life, to room with other eligible students who were assigned a different sex at birth than you, or who are a different gender(s) than you. University Housing is a combination of traditional corridor-style residence halls with community bathrooms and suite-style residence halls with in-suite bathrooms. Since University Housing is gender inclusive, you may share community or single-use bathrooms with individuals who were assigned a different sex at birth than you or who are a different gender(s) than you. Our residence halls are home to individuals who wish to celebrate and explore their identities; as a resident in University Housing, you will live in a space that is supportive and celebrates individuals as they embrace and develop their identity.

Roommate Concerns & Mediation

Living with someone new, who has different habits or communication styles, can be challenging. All roommates & suitemates are expected to complete a roommate/suitemate agreement. This agreement allows all parties to communicate their needs, gain an understanding of mutual expectations for the living environment and identify opportunities for compromise. When parties within the space are not respecting the roommate/suitemate agreement, then we encourage residents to reach out to their Resident Advisor (RA) to ask for assistance. RAs can help residents process their thoughts and feelings and then make a plan for addressing their concerns. Sometimes the plan is that the resident will initiate a discussion with their roommate/suitemate(s) on their own and then return to the RA to share how the discussion went. Other times the resident requests that the RA is present for and helps with the conversation. When RAs receive this kind of request, they move forward with arranging a mediation with the residents involved. RAs are trained to mediate roommate/suitemate conversations. The RA serves as an unbiased third party that facilitates a respectful honest dialogue wherein all residents have the opportunity to express their feelings and thoughts without interruption and then work toward defining solutions that will resolve the concerns expressed. A successful mediation requires participants to be present, engage in perspective taking, listen to understand, and compromise. Through the mediation process, residents develop conflict resolution and communication skills.

How Mediation Works

RAs will meet with each roommate/suitemate individually to discuss their personal experience in the space and any concerns they may have. Then they will arrange a meeting time when all parties are available. At the meeting, the RA will set ground rules for the conversation to ensure a respectful, open and productive environment. Each resident will have an opportunity to share their thoughts, feelings and concerns. Then the RA will work with the residents to summarize the concerns and begin the resolution process. The RA will guide residents in identifying potential solutions. Residents will decide together what solutions work best. Then the RA will help document these solutions in an updated roommate agreement.

Accessibility Accommodations

Students interested in seeking housing accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services.