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Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is open from 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Gender Inclusive Housing Statement

When you sign up to live in Simmons University Housing, you are signing up to live in a gender inclusive space. Students eligible to live on-campus may choose, or may be assigned by Residence Life, to room with other eligible students who are of the same or different biological sex, gender, or gender identity. University Housing is a combination of traditional corridor-style residence halls with community bathrooms and suite-style residence halls with in-suite bathrooms. Since University Housing is gender inclusive, you may share community or single-use bathrooms with individuals who are of a different biological sex than you or who identify with gender identities that may be different from yours. Our residence halls are home to individuals who wish to celebrate and explore their identities; as a resident in University Housing, you will live in a space that is supportive and celebrates individuals as they embrace and develop their identity.

Housing for Fall 2022 – Spring 2023

Each year, Simmons University houses 56% of our approximately 1,700 undergraduate students. Within the 9 residence halls of Simmons University, there are 955 resident beds. We allocate 45% of our beds to first-year students, 25% to sophomores and 30% to our junior, senior, and 3+1 student populations. First-year students are guaranteed to live on campus. Housing is not guaranteed for transfer students; however, they are eligible to apply. If space is available they will be placed in a housing assignment. Housing is not guaranteed for sophomores, juniors, seniors, or 3+1 students; however, they are all eligible to participate in Housing Selection. Kotzen Scholarship students are an exception as they are required to live on campus for their 1st and 2nd year. After which, the university guarantees housing for their remaining undergraduate years at Simmons.

To be eligible to participate in Housing Selection, students are now required to submit their Housing Application via the Housing Portal by the beginning of March. The Housing Application is typically open mid-February to early March. The Housing Selection process includes Housing Placement and General Room Selection and runs from mid to late March.

All eligible students, who do not receive a housing assignment, will be given a place on the housing waitlist. Additionally, students who do not submit the housing application by March 9 will have the opportunity to also join the waitlist when the housing application reopens in early April.

For students on the waitlist, we provide periodic updates. We maintain the waitlist through mid-July at which point we release all remaining students, unless they specifically request to remain on the list. Spaces may become available in the days leading up to the residence halls opening and through the first week of classes. For students, whose circumstances allow, they may want to exercise this option. Over the next four months, when space becomes available, we call and/or email students who are next on the waitlist to offer them the space. If they deny the space, they will be taken off the waitlist. 

For students who wish to forgo the waitlist and cancel their housing application, they should email [email protected]. If students choose to forgo their placement on the waitlist, they can rejoin, but they will be placed at the bottom of the waitlist.

Room Selection Fall 2022-Spring 2023

What is the Room Placement Process?

Students who are eligible for building specific housing accommodations, approved via the Office of Accessibility Services, are placed in housing by a member of the Office of Residence Life. An example of a building specific need would be a room with air conditioning or a room with no carpet. The Office of Residence Life will take your building preferences listed on the Housing Application into consideration when placing. Students who have an accommodation are not permitted to pull-in roommates/ suitesmates. If students with accommodations have a desired roommate/suitemate that is participating in the room selection process, those students have the opportunity to select into that space during their designated time slot if there is availability. Placements for Students with Accommodations will occur on the first day of the housing process.

What is the Room Selection Process?

Students who are participating in General Room Selection are eligible to personally pick their room and roommates for the next Academic Year. Your choice of room is based on an assigned time slot and the rooms available at that time. All eligible students receive a time slot based on class year and application submission time.

Room Selection time slots will be assigned and sent to your Simmons email address.

Each Time Slot is 10 minutes long, so individuals/ roommate groups need to be prompt. If students miss their time slot, the Residence Life proxy will select for them. Students will be able to look at residence hall floor plans on the Residence Life website prior to the start of Room Selection. In addition, the Office of Residence Life will provide an Available Rooms document, on the Housing Portal, where students will be able to see nightly updates of available rooms so they can plan ahead of their Time Slot. We recommend being prepared for your Room Selection Time Slot by having a few options of buildings and room types in mind.

All students participating in these options must have submitted their housing application by the March deadline. Students who are being pulled into a room with a friend who has an earlier selection day and time must have also completed the housing application.

The Office of Residence Life will utilize the information provided in this form to know who is consenting to live together and/ or who is unable to make their Room Selection time slot. All submissions need to be provided at least 24 hours prior to the earliest time slot of the group or the timeslot of the individual. You may submit this form by personally printing it, or copies will be available in the ResLife Office for pick-up. All forms should be turned back into the ResLife office or submitted electronically via the [email protected] email. 


How do I live with or “pull in” friends? 

  • In order to live with friends you must be in a roommate group together.
  • You must make these groups in advance by submitting the Roommate Group and Proxy Form, where all roommates consent to living together. All forms must be submitted at least 24 hours prior to the earliest assigned time slot within your roommate group.
  • When picking a room, we recommend the roommate with the earliest time slot fill out and turn in the form- that person will “pull-in” the other members of the roommate group.
  • All members of the group must submit their housing application and deposit by the March deadline to participate in Housing Selection.

Where can I live?

  • Arnold, Evans, Smith, South, Mesick, and North will be available for (Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, 3+1).
  • Dix will be reserved for Honors students.

Can I participate in the room selection if I do not have friends to pull into a room?

  • Yes, definitely! Please keep in mind that we do highly encourage students to pull in friends to fill a space. Students who choose an open bed in a double, triple or quad will be joined by other students, who either choose another open bed in that room or are assigned later by the Office of Residence Life.  All open beds will be filled.
  • The Office of Residence Life will be hosting a Pair Fair in mid-March where you can meet others who are looking for roommates!

After I pick my room, can I change my room selection?

  • No; in order to maintain a fair process, students cannot change rooms until everyone has had a chance to pick first. After the process is complete, we are then able to work on requests to move rooms.

What if I am in class when my time slot is or if I have the best selection number in my group, but I can’t go at that time?

  • Students will need to fill out a Roommate Group and Proxy Form and the Office of Residence Life will select the assignment on behalf of the student/ roommate group based on preferences.

I am studying abroad in Fall 2022, do I still apply for housing now?

  • No, students who want housing for the Spring 2023 semester will apply for Housing starting in October 2022. More information regarding the Spring 2023 Housing Application and placement process will be shared in the Fall semester.

Off-Campus Housing Resources

Looking for off-campus housing? Residence Life and the REEF Support Center have compiled a list of Off-Campus Housing Resources students can use to find temporary housing options for the summer in the Boston area as well as storage options for students. Please visit the “Apartment Rentals and Sublets” tab of the resource document to find these resources. There is also the Simmons Off-Campus resource specifically for Simmons students seeking apartments in the Boston area.

Accessibility Accommodations

Students interested in seeking housing accommodations should contact the Office of Accessibility Services.