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Campus & Community Engagement

Our Campus Engagement Team creates and supports a variety of formative experiences for the campus community to enrich the academic experience. Our students have ample opportunities to explore their interests while at Simmons by creating  A Pivotal Experience for Students and A Vibrant Campus Environment. Through our different learning experiences and leadership opportunities, students will have access to offices encouraging exploring and broadening their perspectives, continuing their journey as a leader, and preparing them for their life’s work. 

Students can participate in student organizations, campus-wide events and activities, and leadership training and pathways through the Jennifer Eckert Center for Leadership and Engagement. Through the JE CLE, be a part of a program that will foster equity and work to close the opportunity gap for all students through collaborative programming, leadership development, and enrichment opportunities.

If you are interested in engaging with the community at large, the Center for Community Engagement works closely with nearly 60 community-based organizations to provide opportunities for student leadership. Students will cultivate readiness for civic agency while promoting women’s leadership and girls’ advancement and success.

The Multicultural Center creates space to fully embrace spiritual identity, education, and celebration traditions from all backgrounds and lived experiences. This department celebrates and affirms individuals on their journey to becoming well-rounded, equity-minded individuals empowered in their spiritual identity. Students will find organizations ranging from the Asian Student Association (ASA) to Sexuality, Women, and Gender Center (SWAG) to explore and promote our student’s identities.  Students who hold the identity of being the first generation can receive support through the First to FINish program through hosted events and building up community engagement.

The Colleges of the Fenway is an opportunity to explore Performing Arts and other Activities through their programming council. The performing arts program allows students to enrich the arts by providing resources and activities that further the arts as a method of expression, critical inquiry, and community engagement. Participate in a Dance, Music, or Theater ensemble, with opportunities for performance, instruction, choreography, playwriting, and technical theater.