Internal - Faculty & Staff

Advisory Committee

Committee Charge and Activities

The purpose of the committee is to provide advice, guidance, and support to the CFE in its mission of promoting faculty excellence at Simmons. Through their role in this group, committee members will have a voice in the types and topics of professional development opportunities offered by the CFE and can share colleagues’ ideas and needs for specific types of programming and support.

Committee activities can include:

  • Providing input into programs and topics offered by the CFE.
  • Helping to promote CFE events to colleagues in respective colleges/schools/departments.
  • Providing input into the selection of guest keynote speakers.
  • Reviewing applications and selecting participants for some application-based opportunities offered by the CFE.
  • Invitations to attend special events, such as dinner with guest speakers.
  • Sharing guidance, advice, and ideas on a variety of topics.
  • Collaborating with the Faculty Senate, Academic Technology Committee (ATC) and CASTL, and other committees as appropriate.

Current Advisory Committee Members

  • Amy Ballin, CSSPP, Education
  • Charlene Berube, CNBHS, Nursing
  • Lisa Brown, CNBHS, Nutrition
  • Abbie Frost, CSSPP, Social Work, ATC Representative
  • Yulong Li, COCIS, Business
  • Cherie Ramirez, CNBHS, Chemistry & Physics
  • Laura Saunders, COCIS, Library Science
  • Linda Schuller, Library Liaison for CFE
  • Matt Schwartz, CNBHS, Biology
  • Franny Sullivan, Ifill, History