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The Simmons Brand

A brand encapsulates a promise about who we are, what we do, and our reason for being. It finds full expression when our constituencies perceive and act on our inherent values and distinguishing characteristics through the communications we craft.

Through consistent use of messaging, style, the visual identity system, and our logo, a public “face” will emerge that will cement Simmons’s identity in the minds of our constituencies. Over time, consistent use of the brand will strengthen understanding of our mission, purpose, and enduring values.

Visual Identity System (VIS)

A cohesive and uniform visual identity offers an effective way for the Simmons community to communicate with key audiences. The Simmons Visual Identity System (VIS) is intended to provide consistent yet flexible guidelines to assist you in creating communications that make a clear and strong impression.

The VIS provides specific standards, recommendations, and guidelines for using the Simmons logotype, graphic elements, and the color palette. Every member of the Simmons community plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the system by consistently applying the guidelines to all internal and external communications.

Simmons Style Guide

Our style guide provides a standard for the way the University communicates.

Simmons Style Guide

Photography and Image Consent

For all photo and videography shoots taken on behalf of the University, completed and executed image consent forms for all subjects must be obtained and kept on file. Consent forms are the responsibility of each office that manages photography or videography for the University. Please note that for subjects under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete the Image Consent Form.

Logos and Photography

Merlin (Logo and Image Files Database)

Logo files and image files are available for downloading from Merlin, the University-wide image database. All Simmons faculty and staff automatically have access to Merlin with their regular Simmons login. If you have a supplier/vendor or student worker who needs access to Merlin, please email [email protected].