Internal - Faculty & Staff

Campus Access

With the expectation that most employees remain remote and that campus access remains limited, we understand there may be a need to visit campus. To that end, we are introducing a new process for requesting access to campus for the fall semester, including a set of criteria that are acceptable for campus visits and the protocols required once you arrive. We have prepared a Return to Campus document that details both the new Campus Access Policy and includes resources for remote work and wellness benefits available to all employees.

Faculty and staff who need access to campus for either a one-time visit or for ongoing needs must complete the Campus Access Request Form and follow all guidelines outlined in the Campus Access Policy, both of which are attached. The only exceptions are for essential employees whose job requires them to be on campus daily or near-daily and therefore will not be required to complete the form, but must still follow all other campus access protocols. Employees who are mostly remote but need weekly or otherwise regular access to campus to fulfill the functions of their job are asked to fill out the Campus Access Request Form and obtain Dean or VP approval for documentation purposes, even if you have already been visiting campus.