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Alden Trust Studio

Through a grant from the Alden Trust, the Alden Trust Video Studio was created to meet the University’s instructional and institutional needs. It is now located in the Student-Driven Media Center.

The studio is currently set up for use by the entire Simmons Community.  Departments that want to create recuring videos need to appoint a Department Producer, who must go through the Alden Trust Video Studio Training and Certification Process. Once certified, that person can then use the studio directly, or serve as the director/producer for others in their department who want to create a video. Others community members needing to record just one video may book time in the studio and the studio will be staffed with the appropriate facilitators for your project needs. All users should book a pre-recording consultation before you plan to record.

Students are also welcome to use the studio, for more information contact [email protected].

Interested in creating a video? Here’s how you get started:

  • If the video is going to be for teaching, research, and learning purposes or for internal use only, please email Luke Romanak and the Ifill Student Media & Academic Technology Team at [email protected].
  • Please book time in the studio here.

If the video is going to be used on one of the following:

  • The Simmons website
  • A social media account
  • Any external-facing marketing communications vehicle

Please email University Communications via [email protected].

For any additional questions, ask us for our FAQs by emailing [email protected].