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Frequently Asked Questions

As part of an ongoing effort to improve communication and streamline our processes, you will find common questions about payroll, benefits and Workday answered below.

If you don’t find the answer to your question below, contact Benefits at 617-521-2985 or via email.


Who is the primary contact for benefits?

Benefit inquiries should be directed to Christina Webber, Benefits Specialist at 617-521-2985 or [email protected].

What is the process for requesting a leave of absence from work?

The resources below provide detailed information about leaves of absence from work. For specific inquiries, please contact Christina Webber, Benefits Specialist at 617-521-2985 or [email protected].

What is the process for obtaining tuition benefits?

Information regarding tuition benefits and the process to apply for these benefits can be found at Simmons University Tuition Benefits.

Tuition Remission Process

  • Register for the class
  • Complete the tuition remission form at the link above
  • Return completed forms to A-212
  • Once application is processed, the owed amount for these classes will be removed from your Student Registration Platform

Please note, if you are receiving any scholarship funds, you should consult with the admission office before enrolling in Tuition Remission benefits to understand if your scholarship funds may be affected.

Where can I get advice on health insurance and deductibles?

Detailed information about Simmons health insurance offerings can be found at Simmons University Benefits – Health & Life.

Health Advocate is a valuable resource available to Simmons employees. To contact Health Advocate directly, please call 866-695-8622.

What benefits can I change monthly vs. change only once per year?

Members can change the following benefits monthly:

  • TDA contributions
  • Beneficiaries
  • Parking
  • MBTA
  • HSA contributions (if current participant)

Members can only change Medical, Dental, Vision, FSA, Supplemental Life and LTD elections during Open Enrollment or within 30 days of a life event. More information can be found at Simmons University Benefits – Life Events.

Do I change my benefits in writing via a form or in Workday?

All changes to benefits including parking and MBTA are handled via Workday. Some benefits require additional registration (over and above the action in Workday). Individuals will be alerted to those additional requirements via Workday through their Workday inbox or notification box.

Please refer to the How do I section of our Workday Support Site for additional assistance on making changes to your benefits in Workday.

What are the services of AllOneHealth/Employee Assistance Program?

AllOne Health’s Employee Assistance Program provides free counseling services, debit management services, referral services, parental coaching and a full library of “on-demand” workshops. For more information:

Who do I go to with questions about the parking benefits?

The Campus Card Office manages parking. Human Resources manages the payroll deductions and parking elections made in Workday.

PLEASE NOTE: Because parking is paid monthly. Employees must make their elections for the following month by the 25th of the month they are currently in.

What are the tax implications for an employee taking graduate courses with the Tuition Remission Benefits?

Graduate courses may require you to pay taxes on the cost of the classes, you and your immediate supervisor must review each graduate course to determine if the course is job related and qualifies for the tax exemption. The below questions will help you determine if your classes will be taxable:

1. Is the course needed to meet the minimum requirements of your job?

2. Is the course part of the program if study that can qualify you for a new job or business?

If you answered Yes to either question 1 or 2, the tuition for the course is taxable.

3. Is the course required by your employer or the law to keep your job current?

4. Does this course help to maintain or improve the skills needed in your present job?

If you have answered Yes to either question 3 or 4 and no to both 1 and 2, the tuition for the course(s) is exempt.

Is there a nursing mother’s room on campus?

The Nursing Mothers Room is located in the Main Campus Building in A-316D.

Are there any discounts available to me as an employee?

Simmons offers several discounts to our employees. Discount information can be found on the Benefits Website under “Other Discounts.”

What benefits are offered to employees through the Holmes Sports Center?

Sports Center memberships are available for all active Simmons students and faculty/staff at no charge. Family memberships are available at an additional cost, please see the Holmes Sports Center Membership page for additional information.

Group Exercise classes are offered at a fee for staff and/or faculty. Rate information can be found on the Fit at Simmons webpage.

Women’s and Men’s Locker rooms have lockers available for day use only. Please bring your own lock to secure your items during your workout.

For additional information for the Holmes Sports Center can be found on Athletics Website.

Are there any resources for working parents?

Please click here for child care resources in the area.

Am I able to rollover a previous employer’s Health Savings Account (HSA) to Connect Your Care HSA if I am a current HSA participant at Simmons?

Yes, you are able to download a HSA Rollover Request Form from the Connect Your Care (CYC) Platform at Once you have the form please contact your previous HSA administrator and advise them you would like a transfer of your HSA Funds to CYC. Provide the prior administrator the information from the CYC Rollover Request instruction form.

I am thinking of Retiring. How can I find out information about Medicare enrollment and plans offered?

To find information regarding Medicare Enrollment deadlines and how to enroll please visit the Medicare website.

To look for a Medicare Supplemental or Advantage Options with Blue Cross Blue Shield please review their website or you may call Blue Cross at 1-800-678-2265.


What is the process for student employment?

Information about student employment and the Workday process can be found on our Student Employment Website.

Who is the primary contact for Staff and Faculty (including online) payroll?

Semimonthly Exempt Payroll

Aaron Morrison
Assistant Vice President, HRIS
Benefits and Payroll
[email protected]

Biweekly Non-Exempt Payroll

Rosalyn Susana
Payroll Administrator
[email protected]

Student Payroll

[email protected], 617-521-2084.

Who do I contact if my pay is wrong?

Please direct pay related inquires to [email protected].

Resignation Process

Who should a manager notify when an employee provides their notice?

Please contact HR at [email protected]. HR will request a copy of the formal resignation letter to initiate next steps.


Where can I find a comprehensive list of Workday specific FAQs instructions and trainings?

For a detailed list of Workday FAQs, please visit Workday Support – FAQs

For instructions and trainings, please visit Workday Support – How Do I…?

Who can I contact for support with Workday questions?

For Workday Support, please contact technology at X2222 or submit a ticket through technology.

What am I able to change by myself in Workday?
  • Personal Information: contact Information (home address, personal phone #, etc.), preferred name change, emergency contact information, legal name change (requires documentation and approval by member of HR)
  • Tax withholding elections
  • Benefit elections (only during open enrollment period or qualifying life event period)
  • MBTA/Parking elections (Employees must make their MBTA elections for the following month by the 10th of the month they are currently in. Employees must make their Parking elections for the following month by the 25th of the month they are currently in.)
  • Retirement contributions
  • Time off requests
  • Payment elections
  • Direct deposit allocations

Instructions can be found at Workday Support – How Do I…?

How do I change my address in Workday?

Instructions can be found at Workday Support – How Do I…?

Click # 4 “Update Personal and Emergency Contact Information” and video tutorial “Update Your Contact Information in Workday” walks you through how to change contact info.

How do I change my beneficiary in Workday?

Instructions can be found at Workday Support – How Do I…?

Click # 7 “View Benefits (Including MBTA and Parking) and Report Benefit Events?” and click the link “Manage Your Benefits” which is a job aid that walks you through how to change beneficiaries.