Internal - Faculty & Staff

Center for Faculty Excellence

Founded in 2012, the Center for Faculty Excellence provides a wide array of programs and services to support Simmons’s long-standing dedication to excellence in teaching. CFE collaborates with and provides structured support for faculty and staff across Simmons to design engaging and effective courses and curricula; apply innovative, evidence-based teaching practices; and build collaborative, inclusive, and equitable learning communities. CFE also supports the broader development of both full and part-time faculty, including some career-stage programming and support for faculty scholarship through writing programs.

CFE staff design programs and services to build a teaching community across disciplines, facilitate the sharing of ideas and resources, encourage collaboration, and provide a space for innovation and experimentation. CFE programs are designed based on a combination of strategic priorities for Simmons, requests and needs of the faculty, and best practices in educational and faculty development.

CFE’s programs include keynote speakers, multi-day institutes, teaching dialogues and workshops, confidential support for individual faculty, day-long workshops, book clubs, year-long communities, customized programs, retreats, and many other opportunities. Please contact us to learn more about how CFE supports excellence in teaching at Simmons.