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Learn more about the outstanding benefits, programs, and resources available to Simmons employees and their families.

Our Employee Handbook also summarizes general information that is important in your work at Simmons University.

Employee Support due to COVID-19

Simmons is dedicated to supporting employees during this unprecedented time. We will continue to provide updates on benefits, wellness initiatives, remote-work support and much more.

COVID-19 Related Employee Resources

COVID supplement to the Employee Handbook

Fall 2021 Return to Simmons

Remote Work

We are pleased to announce the new Remote Work Request process for employees now available in Workday. First, a proposal must be sent to your manager for review. Next, an agreement will go to your manager and Vice President or Dean for review. Both direct and indirect managers are able to view completed agreements using the “Approved Remote Work Agreements report” in their “My Team” worklet. Please use this guide for reference and reach out to [email protected] with questions.

Remote Work Policy

Remote Work Policy FAQs

Wellbeing at Simmons

Simmons University is committed to the health and happiness of our faculty and staff. To demonstrate this commitment, our Wellbeing at Simmons initiative will serve as the core of our overall benefits strategy. Wellbeing at Simmons focuses on five distinct areas for wellbeing: Career, Community, Financial, Physical, and Social and aims to give employees access to the tools and resources they need to feel happy, healthy, and fulfilled at every stage of their career.

Wellbeing at Simmons

Explore Your Benefits

Whether you’re a current, new or prospective employee, we encourage you to learn more about our benefits program and resources.

Additional Benefits Worth Knowing About

Disability Accommodation and ADA

Family Medical Leave

Medical, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance

Time off



Financial Management

Locate tools for managing vendor payments, budget & planning, and more.

Budget planning process and timeline


Register a new vendor

Submit an expense report

Commitment to Inclusivity

Fostering a diverse, welcoming, and inclusive community.

Organizational Culture, Inclusion & Equity (OCIE)

Title IX and Sexual Harassment Policy

Accessibility Services

Leaving Simmons

As employees leave the University,Human Resources is interested in learning why employees decide to leave the college. Employees have the opportunity to speak with HR representatives as well as participate in an exit interview process. Please contact HR at x2084 for an Exit Interview and refer to the Manager Checklist for Departing Faculty and Staff for some helpful reminders to ensure a smooth transition.

Please click on the link below to find out more about what happens to benefits when you leave the University:

Benefits Summary for Exiting Employee