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Desktop Computers

One of Simmons Technology’s basic missions is to provide computing facilities to the faculty, staff and students at Simmons University. Among these provisions are file and application servers, network infrastructure and internet connectivity, specialized event and presentation equipment, and technologies specific to particular areas of study.

But core to the Department’s success is the availability and maintenance of computing equipment for general access by the Simmons community for teaching, research, and course work and of general office workstations necessary to accomplish the administrative tasks performed by Simmons faculty and staff.

Simmons Technology can also provide you with discounts for purchasing your own personal computer to use on the Simmons network.

Faculty and Staff Computers


Technology purchases and supports computers and peripherals (keyboards, mice, monitors, printers, etc.) for the general office use of Simmons faculty and staff. Support includes troubleshooting hardware issues, working with manufacturers, and replacing computers that are at the end of their life cycle.

The Computer Replacement Program manages the replacement of end-of-life computing hardware. It also serves as the contact point for administrators who would like to purchase new, additional general office computers for their department.


Technology licenses and supports a standard set of software installed on all Simmons-owned computers at no cost to departments. This set includes an office productivity suite, email, web browsing, and calendaring software, media viewers, a PDF reader, a file decompressor, as well as an antivirus program and up-to-date virus definitions.

Some non-standard software can also be requested from the Service Desk. This may include accessibility software, programs for image manipulation, chart, diagram, and formula authoring, web page authoring, desktop publishing, mathematical analysis, computer code development, molecular simulation, fund raising management, and more.

The Pottruck Technology Resource Center provides training in the use of Simmons standard software and selected non-standard software.

General Access Computers

General Labs (Computer Classrooms)

Technology Computer Labs are classrooms outfitted with computers and software needed for teaching and completing coursework. They are primarily used for instructional purposes; however, some can be used for general access when classes are not scheduled in them.

  • Each lab also provides a printer for your use. Most of these printers use the pay for print system.
  • The instructor’s workstation in each of the Labs may have additional capabilities for use in teaching.
  • If you need additional software installed on any workstation, please submit a request at least 10 business days before your class or event. If any software purchases are required, allow up to 4 weeks for the request to go through purchasing.

Most teaching and event spaces at Simmons contain technology provided by Media Services. The room summaries below list the equipment that is permanently installed in each room. Media Services can work with you to supply any additional technology you may need.

Technology works closely with instructors to ensure that all software needed for classes is loaded on classroom computers. Click here to request additional software.

To reserve any of the rooms below, contact the Registrar’s Office.

Standard Classrooms and Labs

Standard classrooms are equipped with:

  • Video projector
  • Windows or macOS computer (Windows available on macOS computers through virtualization)
  • Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players
  • HDMI Laptop input with USB-C and MiniDisplayport adapters
  • Document Camera inputs

Advanced Technology Classrooms

Advanced Technology classrooms have more extensive built-in technology, including:

  • Video projector
  • Windows or macOS computer (Windows available on macOS computers through virtualization)
  • Blu-Ray/DVD/CD players
  • HDMI Laptop input with USB-C and MiniDisplayport adapters
  • Web Conferencing
  • Wired/Wireless microphones
  • Video and audio recording
  • Document camera

Event Spaces

Simmons has several rooms used primarily as event spaces. To see the technology built into these rooms, contact the Service Desk.

Department Labs

Several academic departments maintain their own computer labs. These labs are primarily for students within the particular major and contain discipline specific programs and peripherals students need to complete their coursework.

  • Biology
  • Career Resources Library
  • Chemistry
  • Communications
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • School of Library and Information Science Tech Lab
  • Nursing
  • Physics
  • Psychology
  • School of Management

Check with your academic program to find out more information about these facilities or to see if a specialized lab is available to you to complete your coursework.