Internal - Current Students


Opened in March 2014 and funded by a gift from the Mara Dole Fund, allowing for upscale, flexible, and modular furnishings, including chairs and tables on wheels and magnetic white boards for easy collaboration and brainstorming. The lab is used by COCIS faculty, staff, and students for classes working on collaborative group work and hands-on activities, also by student groups for meetings and events involving video conferencing and as a space for oral presentations.


The Collaboratory is accessible by the COCIS community using your Simmons ID card 24/7. If the room is not reserved, you are free to use the lab. If your card is unable to access the lab, please notify COCIS Technology at [email protected]. To reserve the lab, submit a request using the lab request form.


Software and Special Equipment

  • 6 iMacs (1 configured with a standing desk)
  • 1 80-inch wall mounted TV with built-in Mac and DVD capabilities. Includes webcam and speakerphone system with remote as well as the ability to hook up laptops with either HDMI or VGA cables (assorted adaptors also available through the Tech Lab).
  • 1 scanner
  • 1 Black & white multi-function printer