Email Services

Every community member at Simmons is given a Simmons email account. Simmons email service includes access to mailing lists, antispam filtering, out-of-office notices, mail forwarding, documentation and tips on configuring your account, quota management, and more.

Set Up and Access Email

Your email is activated when you are hired or matriculate at Simmons. All you need to do is log in with your username and password. Click here to see how to receive your username and password and set up your account.

All students, faculty, and staff at Simmons use Google Apps for Education to access their email at To learn more about using Google Apps for Education, click here.

Notes on Using Email

All official communications from Simmons will be sent to your Simmons email account. If you usually use any other email account, you should forward your Simmons email to your non-Simmons account so that you do not miss these communications.

Web browsing and email are the two of the most common routes by which computers and their users are exposed to viruses, phishing, and other questionable electronic activity. Please be sure that you and your computer are protected from these dangers by visiting the Information Security section of this site.

Expiration of Email

Your Simmons email will expire when you graduate or leave Simmons employment. See the schedule for account deactivation and a list of actions you can take to prepare.

For questions about email, review the available Instructions and FAQs or contact the Service Desk.