Internal - Faculty & Staff


The following are general policies governing the use of all technology at Simmons:

  1. Acceptable Use: This policy provides the terms of use and expectations for all users of Simmons computer and network resources.
  2. Confidentiality Agreement: All staff agree to treat our customers’ information in an appropriate and ethical manner. Each department has its employees sign a confidentiality agreement. See your department head for details about your department’s agreement.
  3. File Sharing: This policy informs and educates the Simmons community about the growing concern of illegal online file sharing and respecting copyrights.
  4. Simmons Information Security Policy: This policy governs faculty, staff, and students in the storage and release of information at Simmons.
  5. Personal Web Publishing Policy: This policy disclaims Simmons responsibility for the content posted on individual’s web pages. It is the responsibility of the page owner to present appropriate content.
  6. Mobile Device and Subsidy Policy (PDF): This policy sets guidelines regarding employee qualification for a Simmons-purchased mobile device or subsidization of a personally-owned mobile device.
  7. Endpoint Guidelines (PDF): The Technology Endpoint Systems team is responsible for setting the replacement guidelines to manage Simmons endpoints (desktop and laptop computers, and mobile devices). The guidelines define the level of deployment and support services for users throughout the University.
  8. Technology Purchasing Policy (PDF): This policy is a subset and in accordance with the Simmons University Purchasing Policy. It is intended to clearly outline the procurement process for any type of technology purchase at Simmons University.