Listservs & Email


Every student enrolled in the SLIS program is given an email account. Email addresses usually follow the format of Login names and passwords are mailed out in your Welcome packet before Orientation Day. If you lose your username or password, please contact the Tech Lab at 617.521.2802 or email at

All official SLIS information will be sent out through your Simmons email account. You will be responsible for all information sent out through your account. Please check your Simmons account regularly or forward it to your personal email account. You can set your email preferences at the preferences webpage.


SLIS has several listservs specifically for SLIS students.

SLIS_info is the listserv that you will receive official SLIS departmental information through regarding classes, registration, and event information. It is mandatory that all SLIS students join and remain on this listserv.

LibraryTeach is the listserv created specifically for Library Teacher students. This listserv is used to share program information, job postings, and field related information. It is requred that Library Teacher students join and remain on this listserv.

In addition, all students are subscribed to the Campus Announcements email list, the official notification system for the school. You can learn more about Campus Announcements and the Campus Announcements email list on the the Campus Announcements page.

Recommended Method to Subscribe to LISSA, SLIS_info and LibraryTeach:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the "Login" button in the upper left hand corner.
  3. A new login window will appear. Enter your email username and password
  4. Choose "View all lists".
  5. The listserv names will be listed alphabetically (SLIS_info, LISSA, LibraryTeach (if applicable)).
  6. Click on each name (SLIS_info, LISSA, LibraryTeach (if applicable)) and a screen describing the list will appear.
  7. Click on the "Subscribe" button near the bottom of the page on the left.
  8. A dialog box will appear, click OK
  9. You will receive an email with important subscription information.

Listserv in Digest Mode
You may choose to receive your messages in digest mode which will send you messages from the listservs in one daily email rather than individual messages.

  1. Visit:
  2. Log in using your email username and password.
  3. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Your Subscriptions".
  4. Select the list (SLIS_info, LISSA, LibraryTeach (if applicable)) you would like to edit.
  5. Near the bottom of the page is a "Subsriber Options" Button.
  6. This page will allow you to change the settings of how you receive the listserv posts.
  7. Click on "Update"

LISSA and LISSA_chat Listserv Info
The LISSA listserv is a moderated email announcement-only listserv designed to serve the current graduate students of the Simmons School of Library and Information Science, all of whom are members the Library and Information
Science Student Association (LISSA).

The purpose of the LISSA listserv is to distribute information and announcements about the business and events of Library and Information Science Student Association (LISSA) and student chapters of professional organizations of Simmons SLIS to the student community.

Information on other topics or soliciting discussion should be posted to the LISSA_chat listserv.

While this is a listserv designed for current Simmons SLIS students, members of the Simmons SLIS faculty and staff, as well as alumni of the program, may subscribe, and are currently subscribed, to this listserv.

Only approved subscribers of the listserv may post messages to the listserv.

Approved subscribers include:

  • LISSA Board members
  • Board members of other students groups associated with the Simmons program
  • Student group faculty and staff advisors.

Approved subscribers must send email to from the email address used to subscribe to the listserv in order to post to the listserv. Only messages from approved subscribers will automatically post to the listserv; all other posts will be held from the listserv.

As this is a listserv of professionals, please keep all language professional, polite, and clear of profanity and offensive terms that may discriminate against or offend anyone on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, or religion.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the listserv, please send email to

LISSA_chat Listserv Use Policy
The LISSA_chat listserv is an unmoderated email forum designed to serve the current graduate students of the Simmons School of Library and Information Science, all of whom are members the Library and Information
Science Student Association (LISSA).

The purpose of the LISSA_chat listserv is to provide a student forum to discuss:


  • The current issues and events of the Simmons SLIS programCurrent issues and events in field of librarianship
  • Issues concerning library work, organizational culture and the pursuit of career opportunities, including the sharing of job listings
  • General chat topics, including classified listings, links to other web sites, etc.