Other Benefits

You may be eligible for several other benefit programs. Your eligibility depends upon your employment status (i.e., full-time, part-time, etc.).

Click the following links to learn more about each of these programs:


Simmons is offering a Care.com membership to benefits-eligible faculty and staff as well as Adjunct faculty at no cost. Care.com is a digital platform that allows you to manage all your family care needs from any device, 24/7. If you need help with child care, senior care, pet care, home care, or something in between, Care.com can connect you to the right people. Care.com is the largest online network of caregivers.

On this platform you'll find:

  • Coverage for one-time and/or recurring needs
  • Detailed profiles that highlight the provider's experience
  • Background check options and safety tools
  • Real-time payments via the app
  • Household payroll and tax assistance

To enroll in this benefit, please register using your Simmons email address at www.care.com. For more information, download the Care.com flyer.

Employee Assistance Program (AllOne Health)

AllOne Health - Employee Assistance Provider

all one health logo

  • 1-800-451-1834
  • www.allonehealtheap.com*
    • Username: simmons
    • Password: employee

    *The EAP website offers additional resources as well as access to pre-recorded webinars

AllOne Health is the provider of Simmons University's Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Simmons offers the EAP to help our employees and their families with matters, large and small, that can affect your health and happiness as well as your work and personal life. The services offered range from help in coping with stressful situations, adjusting to demands at work, credit counseling, family law and many more. This service is confidential, professional, easy to use and free to our employees because Simmons pays for this benefit. For more information, please review the additional documents below.

Other Resources from AllOne Health:

You also have access to an array of pre-recorded webinars through AllOne Health.

AllOne Health also has a mobile app which gives you these services at your finger tips. Please find more information in the documents below.

Resources for Caregivers

Please remember that AllOne Health can provide resources, support and information for faculty and staff serving as caregivers. You can access these services either over the phone, or on the web-site. Allonehealtheap.com also has a number of archived online webinars that can be accessed at your convenience. Some examples include: "Adjusting to the Aging Process", "Who Takes Care of the Caregiver?", and "Strategies for Multigenerational Caregiving". Additional resources including audio, tip sheets, articles and resources can be found on the AllOne Health web-site under AGING.

One of the other benefits that we offer through Health Advocate, may also be a helpful resource if you are looking to navigate the healthcare landscape, understand Medicare, its coverage etc.

Health Advocate

Contact information

health advocate logo

Health Advocate at Simmons

The decision to offer Health Advocate to our benefits eligible employes and their eligible family members reflects our interest in making certain that Simmons employees are empowered with the right resources and have the best possible tools to navigate the changing healthcare landscape. Health Advocate is designed to help you handle healthcare and insurance-related issues that you may face, and need help with, by removing barriers that so often create frustration and problems.

What support does Health Advocate offer?

Here is just a sample of the many services you will have readily available to you with Health Advocate:

  • Help finding the right doctors and hospitals
  • Help obtaining services for your elderly parents and parents-in-law
  • Help scheduling appointments, especially with hard-to-reach specialists
  • Help coordinating benefits across different vendors when faced with illness or injury
  • Help with insurance claims and billing issues
  • Help with comparing our health plans and figuring out which plan is best for you

For a more comprehensive list of Health Advocate's offerings, please review the Health Advocate Fact Sheet.

Who can access this benefit?

This benefit is primarily geared towards our benefits eligible employees. One of the other unique features of Health Advocate is that some of your extended family will be able to use their special services. So, in addition to you, your spouse and dependent children, your parents and parents-in-law will also be covered under this program.

About Health Advocate

Health Advocate does not provide health insurance or medical coverage and is not a substitute for your current health insurance plan. Rather, Health Advocate complements your basic health coverage by facilitating your interaction with healthcare providers and insurers. Health Advocate is a tool to get help with the above listed services, or to sort through health related benefits offered through the various benefit plans at Simmons.

To learn more about Health Advocate, we invite you to view the following video(s):

Getting Started

A single telephone number to call. Whenever you or an eligible family member encounters a healthcare or insurance-related question, all you have to do is call Health Advocate at 866.695.8622 (toll-free) for assistance. Depending on the nature of your call, you may be asked to complete a Medical Information Release Form. Please be assured that all of your personal information will be kept strictly confidential by Health Advocate and your privacy will be protected.

Health Advocate Smartphone App

Health Advocate offers a free smartphone app which provides an at-a-glance summary of reasons to call Health Advocate and core member benefits.

For more information and instructions on how to download the app to your mobile device, click here.

We hope that you and your family will greatly benefit from this valuable service!

MBTA Subsidy

To elect or change your monthly MBTA pass, please do so using Workday. Log into your Workday account at workday.simmons.edu, open your Benefits worklet on your home page and select "benefits" under the change column. In the Benefit Event Type field, you can select "MBTA Election" and follow the prompts on the screen to complete your election. Please refer to the Workday Support site at workdaysupport.simmons.edu if you have any questions using the Workday application.

Public Transportation Cost

How to process an MBTA change/election in Workday

Note: If you sign up for a Link Pass, it will be replenished from month-to-month until you cancel the pass. If you lose your card, please contact benefits@simmons.edu to arrange for a replacement card.

Other Discounts

In addition, the College offers some other discounts that include:

  • Adoption Benefit -The College will reimburse up to $5,000 to help defray the costs associated with adoption; any benefits-eligible Simmons faculty or staff member who adopts a child will be eligible for this benefit. More information in the Benefits and Payroll office.
  • Auto Rental Discounts for Corporate Use
  • Auto Rental Discounts for Personal Use
  • Bank of America checking/savings accounts
  • Benefit Hub - Enjoy discounts, rewards, and perks from thousands of brands in a variety of categories like travel, shopping, restaurants, entertainment and more. See below flyer for registration information. 
  • BJ's Wholesale Club discounted membership. The completed form can be sent to the address below:
    • Lisa Engstrom
      Corporate Sales Representative
      BJ's Wholesale Club
      100 Corporate Drive
      Franklin MA, 02038
  • Blue Bikes Discount (formally Hubway)
  • Bookstore discounts - Discounts provided at Simmons Bookstore. Just show your Simmons ID to get the discount!
  • Camp Cody Discount
  • Canobie Lake Park offers discounted park passes for the Simmons Community. To purchase please click the below link and enter password Econ110.
  • Colonial Supplemental Disability Insurance for additional life insurance and supplemental disability insurance
    • Please click here for enrollment information
    Gym Memberships
    • Holiday Inn in Brookline - 25% off their "best available rate". Please indicate you are part of the Colleges of the Fenway to obtain the discounted rate.
    • Liberty Mutual auto, home and whole life insurance. Contact Ryan Hanson at 508-238-4414, x52449 for details
    • MASCO - Rideshare, Commuteworks and other transportation support visit http://masco.org/
      • CommuteLine: put parking passes on hold, use Lyftline to commute for 3 months; receive $40 in Lyft credit for the first 3 months
      • CommuteFlex: register your carpool, receive 4 Lyft rides per month for first 3 months; each ride worth up up to $20 each; each passenger receives 5 near site parking passes per month
      • Emergency Ride Home: can use a Lyft instead of a taxi cab if desired 
    • Movie ticket discounts are available in the Student Activities Center

    RideShare@Simmons is a flexible commuting arrangement. Our goal is to make commuting into work both more affordable and with less environmental impact.

    Every year, each commuter in the Commonwealth produces 62 pounds of carbon monoxide, 9 pounds of hydrocarbons, and 5 pounds of nitrogen oxides, according to the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP). Cars, trucks, and buses produce approximately 40 percent of all air pollutants. In an attempt to reduce pollution caused by motor vehicles, Simmons would like to encourage alternative commuting choices such as carpooling and park-share options.

    In this arrangement, employees have two (2) flexible commuting options:

    • One Car Option (Commute Together Every Day): Employees can drive in together in one vehicle and park that vehicle in the Simmons Garage, or
    • Two Car Option (Commute Separately, Divide the Days): Employees can drive separately in different vehicles, dividing work days as needed.

    With either option, the garage will only recognized one parked car, per day. Each employee can use their own Simmons ID badge to gain access to the garage. Once the system registers entry with the employees id badge, another car cannot be parked, until the first car leaves.


    • No more than two (2) Simmons employees in a carpooling arrangement.
    • Student workers are not eligible to participate in this program.
    • The applicable monthly parking fee will be split 50/50 between employees.
    • The applicable monthly parking fee will be banded per each employee's salary band.
    • Deductions for the monthly parking fee will be taken on the first and second pay period of the month.
    • No parking in the garage from 12:00 AM until 5:00 AM. (No overnight parking).
    • Termination of the arrangement can be made by any member of the carpooling arrangement, at the end of any calendar month in accordance with the cancellation policy below.
    • Notice of termination of the agreement must made to Benefits & Payroll 30 days in advance in order for deductions to be adjusted accordingly.
    • If notice is not provided to B&P 30 days in advance, the arrangement will either continue for the subsequent month or in the event of departure or termination one of the members of the arrangement, the other will be responsible for the full month's deduction.

    Please click here to enroll in RideShare@Simmons .

    Travel Assistance Services

    The College provides travel assistance services to benefit-eligible faculty and staff through the Travel Assistance Services program. For more information, please refer to the following informational flyer.