Marketing & Communications

Marketing and Communications leads university-wide efforts to increase Simmons' brand awareness through the development of publications, media and government relations, external and internal communications, advertising and digital communications (website, email marketing, social media, and multimedia). We're here to provide communications support for Simmons' events and activities and have posted a simple form to request help.

The Simmons Brand

A brand encapsulates a promise about who we are, what we do, and our reason for being. It finds full expression when our constituencies perceive and act on our inherent values and distinguishing characteristics through the communications we craft.

Through consistent use of messaging, style, the visual identity system, and our logo, a public "face" will emerge that will cement Simmons's identity in the minds of our constituencies. Over time, consistent use of the brand will strengthen understanding of our mission, purpose, and enduring values.

Core Values and Goals

Transformative learning that links passion with lifelong purpose.

"In everything we have done, we have aimed to increase the visible celebration of the learning that we offer in this wonderful place—learning designed to prepare you for your life's work."
— Helen Drinan, President

  • We are at our best when students are first
  • Simmons graduates are prepared for life's work
  • We will cross boundaries to create opportunities
  • We are committed to collective investment in our community

  • Build a vibrant, student-centered educational community that inspires leadership & lifelong engagement
  • Envision Simmons as a university with a global perspective built on research, scholarship & teaching excellence
  • Attain & retain financial strength
  • Foster & support innovation
  • Promote a student-centered culture of learning, leadership, and making a difference
Visual Identity System (VIS)

A cohesive and uniform visual identity offers an effective way for the Simmons community to communicate with key audiences. The Simmons Visual Identity System (VIS) is intended to provide consistent yet flexible guidelines to assist you in creating communications that make a clear and strong impression.

The VIS provides specific standards, recommendations, and guidelines for using the Simmons logotype, graphic elements, and the color palette. Every member of the Simmons community plays an important role in maintaining the integrity of the system by consistently applying the guidelines to all internal and external communications.

Simmons Style Guide

Our style guide provides a standard for the way the University communicates.

Simmons Style Guide

Photography and Image Consent

For all photo and videography shoots taken on behalf of the University, completed and executed image consent forms for all subjects must be obtained and kept on file. Consent forms are the responsibility of each office that manages photography or videography for the University. Please note that for subjects under the age of 18, a parent or guardian must complete the Image Consent Form.

Simmons Image Consent Form

Simmons Image Consent Policy

Logos, Image Files and Design Resources

Cumulus (Logo and Image Files Database)

Logo files and image files are available for downloading from Cumulus, the University-wide image database. A username and password are required to access Cumulus and can be obtained by following the link below and completing the Cumulus Access Request form.

Once you have your username and password, visit the Cumulus database to access the logo and image files.

Logo, Design, or Layout Assistance

If you need assistance with or need to request any of the following, please complete and submit the Logo, Design, or Layout Assistance form.

  • Simmons logo for one-time use;
  • Simmons sub-brand logo to be created for your department, organization, or event;
  • Simmons logo for use in co-branded materials;
  • Design assistance on a project;
  • Creation of a branded or sub-branded template.

Print Checklist

This checklist provides general recommendations for checking a design file/layout before sending it to be printed. Please work closely with your printer regarding any details you are unsure about, as print requirements and preferences will vary from printer to printer.