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REEF Support Center

The REEF Support Center is a centralized student support services unit located in the Student Affairs suite on the first floor of the Main College Building. REEF refers to Resilience, Efficacy, and Empowerment through Foundational support services, and its mission is to make holistic support resources more easily accessible to undergraduate and graduate students. 

The REEF will include food and housing security resources, the SOS emergency fund, commuter student services, off-campus housing resources, and violence prevention and education. The center will also roll out a student assistance program, which will provide extended mental health support, financial wellness, family and childcare resources, and much more. The team in the REEF will also work with individual students to assist with absence excuses for extenuating circumstances or leave of absence clearances for undergraduate students. Our team will provide guidance and referrals for students dealing with challenges that may impact their ability to continue with their academics.