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REEF Support Center

Welcome Sharks!

In the ocean, the coral reef offers generations of sea life shelter and food, to support a healthy ocean.

At Simmons, the REEF Support Center acts as a similar support hub for undergraduate, graduate, and online students. REEF refers to Resilience, Efficacy, and Empowerment through Foundational support services.

Our Vision

We inspire our students, faculty and staff, and alumnx to be partners in a collective effort to connect student’s to foundational resources, dismantle systemic barriers in accessing support, and develop organizing skills for community advocacy and agency.

Our Mission

We will centralize student resources by offering foundational support specific to food access, housing access and off-campus living, emergency funding, as well as our Violence Prevention, Education, and Outreach program. We operate from a framework of collective liberation that is grounded in the belief that our community thrives most when all members have access to holistic resources. By fostering a culture of care and support, we disrupt the historical and present violence of white supremacy and provide an opportunity for connection, community building, and healing.

Quick Links

Get Connected

Knowing where to start when navigating supports at Simmons and in the greater Boston community can be challenging. That’s why we exist! Connect with us by emailing [email protected] to set up a 1 on 1 meeting with a Support Specialist, and/or review community supports and resources local to Boston, MA! More information about the services we offer can be found by exploring the sub-tabs located on the left of our webpage.

Visit Us

Mondays-Fridays 8:30am-4:30pm

Welcome to the REEF Support Center. We are located in the MCB in the Commuter Student/ Dix Scholar Lounge (A-075 A and B). The REEF Support Center is a hub for any Simmons student to stop by. Meet peers, connect with a REEF team member, or enjoy some quiet time in this spacious study spot. Our cozy space allows students to relax, do homework, or chill out.

REEF Center
REEF Center
REEF Center

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 617-521-3044

In the REEF Support Center, we offer students resources such as:

  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Snacks
  • Tea Kettle
  • Tea/Hot Cocoa
  • SAD Lamps
  • Office Supplies (whole punch, stapler, pencil sharpener)
  • Games and Puzzles for student use!
  • Resources

Meet The Team

Matoaka (she/her) is the Director of the REEF Support Center and thrilled to join the Simmons community once more. Matoaka brings a background in Macro Social Work and has a passion for community building through frameworks of community care and liberation. In her free time, Matoaka can be found camping, working on her small greeting card business, and trying to use a cookbook recipe, but mostly relying on taste tests. Matoaka is excited to partner with students and staff to build the REEF Center into a space where students can find connection and belonging.

Christine (she/her) is a Social Work Intern within the Reef Support Center. Christine is a first year MSW student who is interested in working with the young adult population. She is enthusiastic about advocating for student’s access to mental health resources. Christine enjoys traveling to new places within Boston and out of state. Her favorite hobbies are walks, lattes, and spending time with friends and family. Christine is excited to work at the REEF Center to help build student’s resilience.

Halle (she/her) is a Social Work Intern with the REEF Support Center. Halle is a first year MSW student who is happy to return back to Boston! Halle is excited to help get the community resource room up and running. In the meantime, she loves gathering other resources around Boston. Halle enjoys listening to jazz music while she studies. She also enjoys trying new restaurants around Boston in her free time. Halle is really excited to get to know students and help them connect with resources at Simmons and beyond.