SLIS Tech Competencies

Note: These expectations are addressed to LIS students only.

Whether you plan to work in a library, archives, cultural heritage institution, or other information setting, technology will be a part of your professional life. The Simmons LIS curriculum provides all students with the opportunity to advance their technological skills in its core courses (LIS 488: Technology for Information Professionals) as well as in its elective course offerings.

While all students enter the LIS program with different talents, skills, and abilities, LIS instructors expect all students to possess a baseline of knowledge, skill, and familiarity with technology. At a minimum, incoming LIS students should be competent in the following areas (see below for further details):

  • Computing in a Windows or Mac Environment
  • Digital File Management
  • Internet Searching and Browsing
  • Google Apps for Education including Email
  • Using Productivity Software (word processing, spreadsheet, and slide presentation software)

To ensure your readiness to begin coursework, take a few minutes to review the list of technology competencies outlined below. Are there areas you feel unsure about? If so, follow the links to access tutorials and review the materials on that topic. Your goal is to become comfortable and familiar with each of the baseline skills or topics described in the Technology Guidelines. 

Download Technology Guidelines for SLIS Students

Download Technology Requirements for All SLIS Students