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Food Insecurity Resources

We understand at times students might find themselves without either meal swipes or food for meals at home. The Government Accountability Office learned that more than 30% of college students experience limited access to food. To help aid our students we have two available resources.

Aramark Partnership

The University, partnering with many of you and our food service provider Aramark, has been actively working to address this need within our own undergraduate community for both on- and off-campus students.

Residential Students and Donating Meals/Points

Students who hold a residential meal plan can either donate meals or points to a “bank” to be used by other residential students who are facing temporary food insecurity. Students who need meals should access the bank if they don’t have enough meals to get through the end of the semester. Some details below:

To Donate:

  • Donation of meals and points can only be given to other residential meal plan holders and occur during these times:
    • 7 Weeks from the start of the fall semester.
    • 7 Weeks from the beginning of the spring semester.
  • No more than two weeks of meals (38) can be donated per semester, per student. Guest meals can’t be donated.

To Request:

  • Students may request up to 38 meals per semester. (2 weeks of meals; 19 per week).

Please fill out this form to donate or request meals.

Commuter Students

Students who don’t have a meal plan and are facing episodic food insecurity can receive meal swipes for use on campus. This program is not a replacement for a meal plan but a supplement based on need and circumstance. If the food insecurity is more serious, students can meet with the Student Affairs Office to identify a more permanent solution.

  • Students may request up to 15 meals per semester.
  • Meal swipes can be used at all Simmons dining locations.

Please fill out this form to enroll.

Project Bread

Project Bread is committed to preventing and ending hunger in Massachusetts. They provide access to food for people who are hungry today while working to break the cycle of hunger through advocacy, education, and community action.

Project Bread works to fully enroll individuals in state and federal nutrition programs as well as refer callers to local food resources.

Screen callers are available to assess eligibility for SNAP and help them with the application. Their goal is to help find as many resources as possible to put good food on the table. When relevant, they also connect callers with utility, fuel assistance, and MassHealth. And all information is kept strictly confidential.

For more information about any of the resources, visit Project Bread’s FoodSource website or call their Hotline at 1-800-645-8333.

Two Dollars A Bag Program

This program hands out fresh fruits and vegetables in Boston and Eastern Massachusetts. Anyone in need is welcome, and an ID or referral isn’t required. There are no income limits, and you don’t have to sign up ahead of time. You also won’t be turned down if you can’t pay the $2 bag fee. You can visit their website to find a location closest to you.