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Student Conference Scholarships

The SSW Student Conference Fund is a fund which supports student attendance at professional conferences through small scholarships to individual students. Guidelines for application to the fund are:

  • Any SSW student in the Full or Extended program can apply for funds
  • A student is eligible for one scholarship per academic year
  • A scholarship can be applied to the cost of registration up to $250.
  • Conferences must be relevant to the student’s study of professional social work.
  • To apply, students must complete a brief application, a brochure or other documentation from the conference should be attached to the application.
  • Students must submit the application for approval at least one month prior conference.
  • A student must be in good standing and cannot miss class to attend a conference. In most situations, students should not miss time from field placement. Any missed time from field placement requires pre-approval by field instructor and advisor.
  • Students receiving funds from other SSW sources, may not be eligible for support from this fund. Scholarship funds are limited.

The application for the Student Conference Scholarship Fund is available here.

For more information and an application, please contact Director of the MSW Program and Associate Professor Kristie Thomas.