My Simmons

Year II

The placement process for the second year practicum placement begins in the late fall/early winter of the student’s first year of practicum. All students currently in their first year of practicum will be contacted by the Practicum Education Department with instructions on how to proceed.

  • Students submit an online placement application and a current resume to the Practicum Education Department.
  • After receipt of the materials a meeting with the placement team is scheduled.
  • Following that meeting, students either apply to agencies on their own (Independent Application Agency path) or the students are matched with an agency by the placement team (Traditional Placement path).
  • The student interviews in-person with the agency.
  • If the arrangement seems sound, the School finalizes the placement.
  • If the match seems unpromising, another agency is identified and the process begins again.

Refer to the Year II Placement Guide below for specific instructions.