Internal - Current Students

Failure to Secure a Placement

In the event of three or more unsuccessful field placement interviews, the Field Department reassesses the student’s appropriateness for the field placement. Planning for another placement may not begin until an Educational Planning Committee Meeting is held or other steps are taken as determined by the Field Department. It is at the discretion of the Director of the Field Department, in consultation with the Assistant Dean, to recommend dismissal from the program if an appropriate graduate level clinical social work internship appears unobtainable.

If a student does not accept a qualified placement following an interview and refuses subsequent agencies that meet their criteria, an Educational Planning Committee will be held. Based on the committee’s review, one of the following outcomes will be stipulated:

  • In consultation with the placement team, the student will be given one additional opportunity to secure a placement.
  • Student will postpone field placement until the following year (re-entry review required).

Failure to obtain a placement has implications for a student’s progress toward completion of the MSW.