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Instagram Event Promotion

In an effort to keep the student body informed of events hosted by members of the Simmons community, a weekly event listing will be posted on Simmons University’s Instagram stories. The listing known as “This Week at Simmons” will then be saved as a highlight on the Instagram page and updated each week.

If your department, club, or Simmons affiliated organization would like to promote an event, you are invited to submit a “This Week at Simmons” request to [email protected].

Please note that “This Week at Simmons” and social media event promotion should not be the primary communication method when advertising events. Social media is a place to share creative and engaging content, and as such, event reminders do not perform well. Event organizers are encouraged to also use traditional communication vehicles, such as email and flyers.

How To Submit

Email [email protected] by Friday of the week prior to the requested run date. Submissions are considered complete when your request is received with all required information outlined below. Please allow extra time in case edits are requested.


Please note that limited information is included in “This Week at Simmons.” The following are required in your submission:

  • Name of event: Your title should clearly describe what the event is in brief.
  • Date of the event
  • Start time of the event
  • Main contact for the event
  • Zoom link or registration link
  • Instagram handle if applicable

Once you have all that information, email [email protected]. You will then receive a confirmation email or a follow-up email with next steps.

If you have any questions about promoting events on social media please reach out to the Lead Social Media Strategist.