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Pulse Surveys

Simmons recently administered two short pulse surveys to assess the university’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, first in April and again in July. The same six questions were asked in both surveys, with employees rating how likely they were to agree on a five-point scale. We also collected responses from two open-ended questions. Each survey was sent to full-time and adjunct faculty, as well as staff, and everyone had a week to complete it.

These slides reflect Simmons results. Here’s an example of how to read the table:

For the first item, “I am confident in my organization’s financial future,” Simmons saw a +.07 increase between April and July; however just 4% of employees strongly agreed with this statement, placing Simmons in the bottom quartile of organizations. We also saw significant decreases in work/life balance, overall wellbeing and employees feeling prepared to do their job. On a positive note, communication at both the managerial and organizational level are relatively high compared to Gallup’s national database; nearly half of employees strongly agree their manager keeps them well informed about what is going on at the organization.