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Student Experience Program

Putting students first is a foundational part of Simmons’ mission, and core values. We know that a student who feels supported and cared for, a student who feels challenged and empowered, a student who feels confident and competent is a satisfied student who will choose to stay and thrive at Simmons and beyond. To ensure that we are living up to our mission and values of putting students first, we’ve partnered with Gallup, the global public opinion and research firm, to launch theStudent Experience Program, or STEP. 

STEPs to Progress

STEP is a commitment and approach to more actively and systematically use feedback in the academic and administrative management of the university to improve and enhance the student experience. A multi-faceted approach to creating a successful student experience involves researching 3 key areas: students, employees, and brand. We will measure progress through retention, engagement, brand strength, and other metrics.

Graphic of a stair case with the words research, outcomes, student experience, student retention, employee experience, faculty and staff engagement, brand identity, and brand strength in descending order.