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Organizational Development & Learning Institute (ODLI)

ODLI Philosophy & Structure

ODLI Statement

In accordance with Redesigning Simmons and the Nine Strategic Goals, it is the intention of Simmons that all in-house professional development and employee training be a planned activity; that employees receive relevant training to achieve development of skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes related to their job duties and individual growth in their own departments and the organization overall; and that training programs will provide for the full development and utilization of the human resource potential of Simmons staff in conformance with Simmons’ institutional values and strategic plan.

ODLI Course Offerings Calendar

Employee Training and Development

Simmons organizational learning/training is a joint responsibility of the Human Resources Department and Office of Organizational Culture, Inclusion, and Equity (OCIE), individual departments, other University entities, employees and managers/supervisors.

The Vice President of Organizational Learning & Development maintains overall responsibility for organizational learning and employee training and development to include designing the training and development plans for the organization.

Department administrators are responsible for providing the training offered by their respective units. The responsible department offers necessary policy, procedures, systems, and compliance training. Such training and appropriate refreshers are offered as needed and may fulfill regulatory requirements. HR assists with coordinating and facilitating these training sessions.

ODLI Learning/Training Defined

One or more series of formal, planned activities which are instructional in nature and are developed for the purpose of conveying course content leading to the acquisition of demonstrable knowledge, skills, and abilities.

ODLI Shall Provide for the Following

  1. To declare Simmons’ intent to improve service through in-house training and outside training
  2. To ensure continuous staff development and the responsibility for it in order for Simmons to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees to meet both present and future needs of their departments and the organization
  3. To assist in the implementation of a system-wide program of career development to attract and retain persons of superior ability and potential for development
I. Training Audience

A. New Employees: On-Boarding

  • To orient them to Simmons programs and policies
  • To teach them the skills, knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to safely and efficiently perform their jobs

B. Current Employees

  • To keep them up-to-date on policy and regulation changes
  • To expand their knowledge and skills necessary for upward mobility

C. Supervisory and Management Employees

  • To provide them with supervisory, management, and human relations skills so they can effectively work with the employees they supervise to accomplish business goals and objectives
  • To help them develop the qualities of good leadership that are essential for career and organizational success

D. All Employees

  • To provide them with human relations skills so that they can courteously and effectively serve the public, and work harmoniously and efficiently with other employees
  • To improve practices in their professional, technical, and administrative duties
  • To enable them to develop and realize their own potential
  • To address safety, risk management, and compliance issues


II. ODLI will be delivered through a combination of the following methods

A. In-House Training: Training received from Simmons personnel, including online/e-learning and formal classroom instruction through in-service offerings or academic classes

B. Outside Training: Training received from anyone other than Simmons personnel, including professional organizations, private consultants or other recognized providers

C. Developmental Training: Training for employees designed to develop skills or provide knowledge which will enhance an employee’s opportunity for internal promotion

D. Proficiency Training: Training for employees designed to correct a deficiency identified in reviewing work plans or performance appraisals, or to provide additional knowledge which would improve performance in the current position

Available Programs

  • Destination “One Simmons” On-boarding Experience
  • Performance Management Supervisory Required Training (ODLI 2502)
  • Mentoring Train-the-trainer (ODLI 2503)
  • Mentoring Program (ODLI 2504)
  • Professional Coaching Train-The-Trainer (ODLI 2505)
  • Professional Coaching Program (ODLI 2506)
  • Aspiring Administrators/Supervisors Program (ODLI 2507)
  • Leadership Enhancement Program (Lep) (ODLI 2508)
  • Career Advancement Program (ODLI 2509)
  • Lunch & Learns: Hr-to-you Sessions (ODLI 2510)
  • SimmonsWorks (ODLI 2511)
  • Project Management Fundamentals (ODLI 2512)