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Construction Update

July 22, 2020

Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to provide an update on campus construction, as great progress has been made since the last update in June. The demolition phase has been completed in the SOM and in Palace Road buildings and is 90% complete in the Main College Building. The demo has been significant in all spaces as the attached photos show!

The next phase, called “rough-in”, will see the beginning of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical work, as well as the installation of metal framing for new walls and doors. The campus remains challenging to navigate as all three buildings above are impacted. You have heard me talk about a ‘summer slammer’ where the construction team takes on as many phases of the project as possible while there are limited people on campus – this enables our construction partners to prevent delays and accelerate the work as much as possible.

While only essential employees should be on campus, we know that there may be a need for some people to come to campus on a limited basis. As we have stated previously, unless you have essential business that absolutely requires you to come on campus, we ask that you stay away until at least mid-August. We will provide more frequent updates as construction progresses and offices and classrooms are nearing completion. We will be working with all employees to make the transition as stress-free as possible, and to also support those that may need to come to campus in the interim. The information below will provide guidance about coming onto campus:

To ensure a safe visit to campus during this time, please follow these protocols:

  • Upon arriving on campus, check-in at Public Safety in the Palace Road Building. You will then sign in and follow the current COVID-19 self-certification protocol.
  • Public Safety will assist you with the following:
    • A mask will be made available to employees that do not have their own.
    • A hard hat will be provided and must be worn in construction zones. Disinfectant wipes or spray will be provided as well.
    • Closed-toes shoes are required in constructions zones.
    • An escort is required to and from any building classified as a construction zone.
    • The buildings currently classified as construction zones are the MCB, Palace Road and the Drinan Building.
    • Employees will be informed of restrooms that are available for use.
    • Check out at Public Safety when leaving and return/disinfect your hard-hat

UPDATE- HEAD HOUSE on Quad-Stairway to SOM Garage Closed During Construction

The Head House which houses the stairway to the SOM garage will be temporarily closed for 4-5 weeks due to a construction project. The exit door walkway to the quad will be made safe after each work day to allow for emergency egress from the garage.

In the interim the SOM Garage can be accessed via the SOM Building elevators. Please do not use the MCB tunnel to the garage as the MCB can only be accessed with a Public Safety escort. We anticipate work being completed by mid-August.

It bears repeating that all these protocols are in place for the health and safety of our Simmons community. We greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate through the end of summer into early fall. Stay tuned, hope you enjoy the attached pictures.

Thank you and stay well!

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