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Email On Construction Safety Protocols

June 25, 2020

The following email was sent from Laura Brink Pisinki on June 24 on Construction Safety Protocols:

Dear Simmons Colleagues,

We’re pleased to report that campus construction is well underway and every day we see progress. We will post some photos from campus in an upcoming daily message so you can see for yourself!  
As you can imagine, navigating some of the buildings is challenging. The information below is to provide an update as well as guidance about coming onto campus. Currently, construction is taking place in Palace Road and SOM, but not to the extent it is in the MCB. Unless you have an essential business that absolutely requires you to come on campus, we ask that you stay away until mid-August.

To ensure the safety of those of you who must come to campus during this time, we ask you to follow these protocols:

  • Upon arriving on campus, all employees must check in at Public Safety in the Palace Road Building. You will then sign in and follow the current Covid-19 protocol that involves completing a short self-certification form. 
  • Public Safety will advise you on the following based on which building you will be entering:
    • A mask will be made available to employees that do not have their own.
    • A hard hat will be provided and must be worn in construction zones. Disinfectant wipes or spray will be provided as well.
    • Closed-toes shoes are required in constructions zones.
    • An escort is required through any building classified as a construction zone.
    • The buildings currently classified as construction zones are MCB, SOM and Palace Road.
  • Employees will be informed of restrooms that are available for use.
  • Before leaving campus, please check out at Public Safety and if you’ve used a hard hat, please return and disinfect it.

It bears repeating that all these protocols are in place for the health and safety of our Simmons community. We greatly appreciate your patience and flexibility as we navigate through the summer. And as new construction phases occur, we commit to keeping you updated as the work progresses.  
As always, thank you for your patience and partnership.  Stay healthy and safe!


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