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Communications Department End of Semester Launches and Events

Release of Commtracks Magazine

The Communications Department released its annual student magazine on Monday, May 11.

“Each year, Communications seniors launch Commtracks, our award winning senior magazine during Commworks, our end of the year party and show. Of course, neither the print launch nor the event was possible this year. In a few short weeks, however, our team of senior students transformed Commtracks from a print-based to a web-based and Covid-informed edition,” said Briana Martino, Acting Chair and Assistant Professor.

This year’s magazine team includes co-editors Mackenzie Farkus and Caroline Smith, co-designers Emma Gotschaulk and Molly Whitmore, web designer Lauren Delvechio, marketer Kenna McCarthy, and photographer Haley Rosenthal. The project was overseen by Studio 5 Professors Andy Porter and Briana Martino.

Sidelines Magazine

Check out Sidelines, the art and literary magazine, which is part of Student-Driven Media coming out of the Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities.

Online Senior Showcase

The Communications Department also released an end-of-year Senior Showcase on May 11. The Senior Showcase is traditionally part of Commworks, an exhibition and celebration of student work. This year, the showcase will be accessible online, and is being displayed as a digital zine. The zine was designed by communications senior and Ifill Dean’s Fellow Juli Gamba, and the project was overseen by Acting Chair and Assistant Professor Briana Martino.

Faculty Awards/Graduation Video

Communications faculty recorded a graduation message and an announcement of seven departmental awards. The video will be sent out along with mentions of our inductees into Lambda Pi Eta, the Communications Honors Society, at the same time as the launch of Commtracks and the Senior Showcase.

“I am so impressed by what is happening in the Communications Department as it adapts in record time to the COVID-19 outbreak. Students and faculty are finding wonderful ways to continue traditions, to transform print-forms into the digital environment, and to create new ways of building community as faculty fête our graduates with celebratory videos as they head out into the world. We are also seeing excellent student journalism and creative work blooming right now, in Communications and across the Gwen Ifill College, of Media, Arts, and Humanities.

This is a time to remember what matters as we find ways to adapt to the future. Usually, that happens across generations; right now, it is happening across weeks. I am glad to see that what persists includes joyful community, a sense of mission, and a belief that good work matters in the world,” said Brian Norman, Dean of the Gwen Ifill College of Media, Arts, and Humanities.

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