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Social Media Overview: December

January 7, 2020

Each month, the Online Communication & Design team will be summarizing our social media analytics. Questions? Reach out to [email protected].


Followers: 6,600
Posts: 14
Impressions: 52,453
Reach: 41,135
Likes: 5,314
Comments: 52
Engagements: 6,171

Top Instagram Post

Our top Instagram photo in December was taken by the Woman on Campus on the first snow day of the season. It is a view of the sunset from a snowy Boston street.

Instagram Screenshot
  • Impressions: 4,983
  • Reach: 3,488
  • Likes: 733
  • Comments: 1
  • Saves: 6
  • Shares: 9


Followers: 10,850
# of Tweets: 16
Impressions: 125,552
Clicks: 162
Engagements: 787

Top Tweet

Our top tweet in December playfully depicts the feelings of returning to campus after Thanksgiving break. Included gif of cartoon bunny covering itself with a blanket.

Twitter Screenshot
  • Impressions: 14,485
  • Engagements: 95
    • Media Engagements: 95
    • Retweets: 1


Likes: 18,317
Posts: 15
Page Impressions: 49,306
Total Post Reach: 45,308
Total Post Engagements: 12,636

Top Facebook Post

Our top Facebook post announced Simmons’ partnership with Columbia University for a dual engineering program.

Twitter Screenshot
  • 8,068 reach
  • 1,038 engagements
  • 843 reactions, comments & shares
  • 783 post clicks

Social Media Insight Cheat Sheet

Impressions: how many times post was seen
Reach: how many users have seen post
Engagements: vary from channel; likes, comments, shares, retweets

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