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Earn up to $400 a year for Healthy Living

January 14, 2020

Blue Cross has teamed up with Virgin Pulse to enhance the wellness experience. Employees covered by the Simmons Medical Plan can participate in the new wellness platform.

Just register on and start earning points for

  • working out
  • going for your physical
  • tracking calories
  • participating in a walking challenge

This program also offers a mobile app that you can sync with your fitbit, Apple watch or other fitness tracker to better track your progress.  Don’t have a fitness tracker? No worries, let Virgin Pulse know and they will mail you one for free.

Each quarter the challenges will change on the website and you can set your personal preferences, allowing you to be notified when a challenge that fits your interests becomes available.

In addition to this great opportunity to get healthier, the points you earn can be cashed out for money. Up to $400 per year!

You can choose to cash out the money at any time or keep it rolling until you have a bigger balance. Learn how to set up your account. If you have any questions contact Virgin Pulse at 844-854-7285 or you can email [email protected].

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