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Provost Faculty Fellow Presents at Online Learning Consortium

December 4, 2019

Provost Faculty Fellow for Online Faculty Development Dana Grossman Leeman, M.S.W., Ph.D., presented at the 25th Online Learning Consortium Accelerate conference in Orlando, Florida. Dr. Leeman co-facilitated a discovery session with co-author James Altman who is a partner of JackRabbit Learning X, an e-Learning consultancy and design firm. Their session was based on the chapter they wrote on humanizing online education through compassionate course design. Instructional designers and faculty from universities and ed-tech companies from around the country attended. 

Leeman also facilitated the workshop “Antidote de for Loneliness: Creating Community through Online Faculty Enrichment Programs.” She presented the model for engaging online faculty through book clubs, faculty learning communities, and a host of workshops to support their online pedagogy and create deeper connections with their peers and students.

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