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Internal Website Design Update

October 10, 2019

Simmons has launched phase one of the internal website update. The goal of this update is to make information more accessible for faculty, staff and students, to create a centralized place for University news and communications (which in turn will reduce University-wide emails) and to implement the updated brand look and feel. By improving the structure of the site and adding navigation features, we hope to make information easier to locate.

While changes to the site structure were made, site content has largely remained the same. As we enter phase two we will begin updating content as requested by individual departments. If you have changes or your content needs to be updated to correct outdated or inaccurate information, please submit your changes via the web request form.

Here are some things you can enjoy on the new site: 

Improved Site Map: In the previous iteration of the internal website, much of the information was collectively grouped under “General” information. We’ve taken steps to group information under more logical menus and headings where you would intuitively expect to find them.

Quick Links: We understand that not everyone searches for content in the same way. For that reason, we’ve introduced quick links on a number of landing pages to highlight common requests and actions.

Forms and Policies Index: We have hundreds of policies and forms on our internal site – this new tool provides a centralized location for all of them. We are working toward the goal that regardless of what department or college, every policy and form can be found in the index.

Things to look for: 

Visual Cues: Valuable information will remain on the externally facing website, but we don’t want users to be confused when a link takes them away from the internal website. To assist in that orientation, we’ve provided icons in some areas to indicate that you are leaving the internal website, or downloading a document. 

Utility Links: The header contains links to the external, Workday, Simmons Gmail, Technology, and Login to access password-protected pages.


We want to easily capture your questions/feedback about the internal website and make any necessary changes so we’ve provided a simple online feedback form.

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