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Why Create an Online Lecture?

As an instructor, your expertise, personality, and unique take on course content is such an important part of a rich learning experience for students. In face-to-face classes, you bring this to students through your lectures and discussions in the classroom. But it an online course, much of that personality and expertise can be harder for students to access if you are not proactive about it.

When designing an online course, can be tempting to fall into the pattern of written introductions, reading assignments, and discussion questions. While these methods can still be valuable, they often don’t bring across your unique personality and presence to students. Fortunately, with today’s technology, you can bring your students that presence by creating Online Lectures.

Screenshot of Online Lecture

Research consistently shows that students find considerable value in learning about online course content directly from their instructor. Seeing their professor’s face and hearing his or her voice helps them feel connected and engaged with the content. And another great thing about creating Online Lectures? You often only have to make them once. You can use and re-use them in further iterations of your course, and even other courses you teach.

Of course, this does not mean you should record a 2-hour long video of you lecturing exactly as you would in a classroom and post it online. Online Lectures are actually most effective in smaller, bite-sized “chunks:” 5 to 10 minute videos on particular portions of content. It is up to you to determine which portions of each week’s content are most appropriate for online lectures, and what the students would benefit from the most.

Online lectures can take many forms. It could be your voice discussing content over Powerpoint slides. Or you on your webcam giving your thoughts on a particular piece of content. Research shows that showing your face as you speak, as well as providing visuals, is the most beneficial Online Lecture format for your learners.