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What is an Online Demo?

As part of your asynchronous course work you may want an opportunity to show your students how to work with a specific piece of software. Through an online demo presentation you can show how software and systems work, guide students through a website or demonstrate how to perform a complex excel function.

Creating real time screen recordings has never been easier and there are many types of software that do this effectively from the convenience of your own desk. Using one of these tools you can create high-quality, simplistic recorder to capture programs as you use them and choose between recording an active window, an area of or your entire screen. 

Online Demos generally feature a video capture of an instructor’s computer screen, along with the instructor’s voice talking through when he or she is doing. Many of these tools enable you to add arrows and highlight particular parts of the screen and often they also offer simple editing features.

Example: Quiz Follow-up

In this Online Demo, the instructor walks students through a quiz question that many students had trouble with. She also explains the concept behind the question in more detail.

this example features Mindy Nitkin, professor in SOM