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Creative Delivery Methods and Examples

Often, instructors are reluctant to stray from their familiar content delivery methods and try something new. The truth is that there are many creative, engaging ways to deliver content online. If you have a lesson or subject that needs something extra to get it across, looking outside the box can definitely benefit your students.

Below are a few examples of creative content delivery from some Simmons Online courses. As you review the examples, you may get an idea of a creative way to teach something in a new way. If you need further inspiration, scour the internet for creative online content. There’s plenty out there that will get your creative juices flowing.

Animated Case Study

Online animation tools can be used to transform a professor’s written case study into an animation with scenes and characters. In this example, students were asked to watch the scenes in order to analyze the case. In addition, they were given written material to review. After students studied all the content, the instructor led a discussion about the case.

this example uses the GoAnimate tool to create the scene above

Lecture with Video

In this example, the instructor combines lecture, text, and imagery to show students how to write descriptively rather than factually.

this asset was designed and produced by Simmons Online for a Creative Writing course