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Using Wikis for Assessment

Wikis are easy-to-publish websites that can be quickly and easily viewed and modified by many people. Content displayed on a wiki can include text, images, video, audio, and links. Wikis are useful assessment tools.

Example: Students are assigned to groups and asked to create a report on a topic using a wiki. This way, all members of the group contribute to the report and can review what is posted, but this is easily done asynchronously. When the project is complete, other students in the class will be able to view this wiki and the professor will review it for a grade. Additionally, each student in the group will use a rubric to assess both their contribution to the report as well as that of each group member.

1. Assessment Tool

When using wiki as an assessment tool, consider giving students a rubric outlining criteria for how their contributions will be graded.

2. Self-Assessment Tool

Wikis are a valuable self-assessment tool. The ability to track changes allows students to see how their knowledge building evolves, leading to a more meta-cognitive experience.

3. Create a Rhythm

Create a rhythm, schedule or plan for grading wikis because monitoring changes to entries can be very time consuming.