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Using Assignments for Assessment

The Moodle Assignment activity module enables a teacher to communicate tasks, collect work and provide grades and feedback. Students can submit any digital content (files), such as word docs, spreadsheets, images or audio and video clips. When reviewing assignments, teachers can leave feedback comments and upload files, such as marked-up student submissions, documents with comments, or spoken audio feedback. Final grades are recorded in the gradebook.

Assignment types might include:

  • essays
  • reports
  • research projects
  • case studies
  • presentations (student production of PowerPoint or other presentations)
  • video projects
  • podcasts
  • writing (chapter summaries, literature reviews and other writing)
  • group projects
  • collaborative writing

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1. Clear Directions

Make certain that all directions are clear and well written so students understand expectations and fulfill all requirements.

2. One Member of the Group

If it is a group assignment, ensure only one member of the group uploads the content on behalf of the full team.

3. Private Submissions

Use Moodle Assignments for private submission of student work.

4. Assigned Deadlines

Submissions are time-stamped at the time of upload, allowing faculty to ensure students are meeting assigned deadlines.

5. After the Due Date

If you want to set a strict deadline, the link to submit work can be made unavailable to students after the due date.

6. Time Zones

Remember to consider time-zones when setting restrictions for submission.