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There is so much to learn with online course design, development and teaching it is not always easy to know where to go for help.

For questions like those listed below, contact the resource suggested.


  • We are thinking of taking our program to a blended or online delivery, what should we do?
  • I have an individual course that I would like to deliver in an online or blended format, how should I start?
  • When/ why would I need to work with an Instructional Designer for a face to face course?
  • My course is not part of an officially “online” program, can I still work with an Instructional Designer?
  • What is involved in teaching online?


  • Can you provide our department with information about the pedagogical aspects of “flipping the classroom?”
  • How can I get my students to be more engaged in classroom discussions?
  • As a new department chair, do you have any suggestions for evaluating another faculty member for tenure?
  • Any suggestions for teaching writing to students with varying abilities and/or language skills?


  • How do I upload a file to my Moodle course?
  • My browser setting prevent me from seeing a video – what should I do?
  • How do I send an email to all my students?
  • How do I import course content from one semester to the next?
  • I have feedback about the way Moodle looks or functions – who should I contact?


  • Can you help me find a version of this movie that I can embed in my course page?
  • How can I help students find scholarly research for their assignments?
  • I’ve used this reading previously and want to do so again. Do I need copyright clearance to put it on reserve?
  • Can you help me find readings from varied sources for my students on a particular topic?


I am teaching in one of the @Simmons programs…

  • …and I am unsure how to use the LMS?
  • …and I am unsure how to use the Adobe Connect?
  • …and I am unsure how to find my course schedule?
  • …and I am unsure who my course lead is?

Expand the sections below to find contact information, phone numbers and hours of operation for each support group.

What is CASTL?

…ensuring optimal faculty support through a myriad of skills and services

The Center for Excellence in Teaching, Assessment, Simmons Online Technology and the Library (jointly known as CASTL) have merged talents to meet a full spectrum of faculty needs, ensure optimal support through a myriad of skills and services, while guarding against duplicated efforts. CASTL is a committee, representing five distinct entities, that shares a common denominator of enhancing faculty development and experience as well as, concomitantly, enriching the student experience.

The primary function of the CET is to assist faculty with pedagogical concerns, including exchanging ideas with colleagues and advancing new teaching methods. Simmons Online aims to develop and deliver excellent online and blended programs that extend Simmons’ reach and strengthen its brand. Technology provides innovative solutions and technological support across all teaching mediums. The Library is an active participant in the student learning experience, collaborating with faculty to ensure resources and services, enhance critical thinking and information literacy.

With the five departments working separately and together, CASTL is invested in aiding faculty in every way as they deliver rigorous face-to-face and digitally-enhanced academic instruction to enable robust student learning outcomes.

Faculty should proceed directly to the department they deem best suited to support their particular endeavor but if there is any uncertainty, the CET will help determine the appropriate office.

Simmons Support

Technology Support Service Desk:

3rd floor of Lefavour Hall in L33


Moodle LMS Support:

[email protected]

Phone Support Hours:
Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Classroom & Event Support:
Monday – Friday 7:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday Closed

2U Support


[email protected]