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VoiceThread is an interactive slideshow tool that can feature PowerPoint slides, images, documents, and video. It allows users to navigate through the slides and leave comments by voice (via microphone or telephone), text, or video (via webcam). VoiceThread is a great Web-based digital storytelling program that enables users to upload pictures or documents, record accompanying audio (or video) commentary, and invite others to record commentary as well. Its simple combination of visual and recorded media is perfect for creating multimedia presentations in a relatively short time frame using simple tools. With VoiceThread, teachers and students can create virtual tours, report on books they’ve read, comment on historically significant photographs, debate a topic, and more. Its uniqueness lies in the ease in which audio commentary can be added to images and documents and the ability to add multiple commentaries to a single artifact.

1. Goal

Start with a goal in mind. Ask yourself WHY VoiceThread is the best tool for this lesson.

2. Storyboard

Use a storyboard or outline to plan your VoiceThread.

3. Practice your Script

Practice the script before you start to record your VoiceThread–be sure to read it out loud.

4. Test it Out

Test your audio completely before posting it on threads.

5. Manage It

Be sure to give your VoiceThread a title. This will help manage your VoiceThreads as you create more of them in the future.

6. Slide Titles

Give each slide a title. Again, this helps with organization as your VoiceThread content expands.

7. Assign for Student Projects

Assign it for Student Projects: VoiceThreads are a great way for students to deliver projects and solicit feedback from others.

8. No-Risk Assignment

Create a no-risk assignment for students to practice with VoiceThread before they have to use it for a graded presentation.

Improved social presence–students find that the ability to see and hear their instructor and classmates improves the sense of social presence of others in the classroom.Better understanding of nuance–students are better able to understand the nuances of discussion when they can hear the tone in someone’s voice.Discussions are attached to the lecture itself, which can then be used for the next class.Presentations can be hosted free of charge at VoiceThread has its own unique URL.Can be embedded in Moodle, blogs, wikis, and other types of websites and can be downloaded.You can only have 3 VoiceThread files loaded to a FREE account at one time.VoiceThread may not always be viewable on mobile devices.