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Tegrity is a lecture capture product that allows instructors to record and share lessons, lectures, and skills with students online. Faculty are encouraged to use this technology to create (for both classroom and online learning):

  • mini-lectures
  • supporting instructional material
  • demonstrations of processes
  • feedback for student assignments
  • flipped classroom material

1. Simple

Keep it simple. Do not over-complicate it, especially in the beginning. To record a lecture, you will need a microphone and the ability to press “play,” “pause,” and “stop.”

2. Get it all Ready

Open all your lecture/presentation materials before you start recording. It will make it easier for you to conduct your presentation once the recording has begun.

3. Close Everything Else

Close all other applications that will not be used during the recording to reduce confusion and possibly recording unintended content.

4. Wait a Moment

Once you start the Tegrity Recorder, wait a moment before starting your lecture. You may see the screen flicker black, or a message “Recording will start momentarily…” pops up then closes. When the Tegrity Toolbar is visible in the bottom right corner of your screen (on PCs) the recording has started.

5. It is OK to Pause

Use the Pause function on the Tegrity Recorder toolbar to temporarily stop the recording. This is useful when you take a break during class or need to change content. A ‘paused’ message will display to remind you to un-pause when you are ready to resume recording.