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Moodle News Forum

The News forum is a special forum for general announcements. A course may only have one News forum unless it has been imported from another system which supports more than one news forum. This forum is automatically created for each course and for the front page of the Moodle site. By default, it is placed in the top of the center section and only teachers and administrators may add posts or reply to posts. The default settings force every enrolled person to be subscribed to the News forum. The Latest News block displays a specific number of recent discussions from the News forum. As with any forum, emails can be sent to subscribed members of a News forum.

1. Display in Every Course

A News forum displays on the course home page of every course. Use the News forum when you want to make an announcement to all people enrolled in the course.

2. Subscriptions & Notifications

Every enrolled person is automatically subscribed by forced subscription (so that they cannot unsubscribe), so you can be sure that your posts will reach the whole class.Course notifications will be sent out to everyone enrolled in the course even while the course itself is unavailable to students.

3. Controlled Posting Rights

Only instructors and administrators may post to the News forum, so it’s unlikely to become cluttered with discussion threads.

5. Attachments

As with all Moodle forums, you can include attachments, images, video and other media in a News forum post, so it is a very flexible tool for delivering news and information.